Homemade Ant Repellents & Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Nuisance Ants in Round Rock, TX

When you are dealing with pests, the process may seem overwhelming. Getting rid of them can be even more frustrating when they have gotten out of control. A large infestation is hard to deal with because most of the time there are pests that are hiding. As they hide in the walls of your house they will continue to reproduce and make it even worse to get a handle on. The warmer the month, the more pests will come out and start to invade not only your home but your property also. There are several types of pests that come out in the summer that include cockroaches, bees, wasps and ants. Although they are all a problem in the warm months ants are a pest that make their way in your yard and then in your house in search of food. Generally they live in large colonies that usually has thousands of members. There are several ways you can try and get ants to redirect away from your house by using products you have in your cupboards.

A-Tex Pest Management Lists Natural Remedies to Keep Ants Out of Your House

Do Mint Leaves Repel Ants?: When you are looking to keep pests out of your house you need to look for where they are getting in first. The most likely space that pests are getting in your house are windows and doors. These are areas that are sealed but are opened and closed often. One way you can keep ants especially out of your house is to use mint. This can be a mint plant that has been placed below a window where the ants will still smell it. You can also use a mint extract on a cotton ball or mixed with water in a spray bottle. Then use it on the areas that you are concerned ants are getting in. they will smell the scent and be turned away rather than crossing its path.
Ants Don’t Like the Smell of Cucumbers: We have all heard from parents and experts that you need to eat your vegetables. When you are eating your veggies you may want to save a piece of cucumber off the side. The cucumber can be cut up and placed on the areas that ants are getting in. The smell of the cucumber is a great way to stop them in their tracks and send them looking for a different route hopefully away from your house. This is a temporary fix and will only work for a day or two so it is best used when there is an immediate threat.
Dish Soap Water Moat for Ants: You may not realize this but the bowl that you lovingly fill full of food for your four legged family member is a huge attraction for pests. Ants and other pests will smell the dog food and because it is as their level come over for a taste. You can avoid allowing them access to your dog food bowl by placing a shallow dish under the food bowl that is full of soapy water. This will only work if your dog will leave it alone.

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