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The needs of pests are very basic. The top of their priorities include water, food, and shelter from the elements as well as protection from predators. Typically, most pests prefer to stick to their natural environments, but they wander indoors, especially when food and water is scarce or to escape harsh weather. Some pests are also unintentionally brought indoors by unsuspecting homeowners. To reduce the number of pests that invade your home, you can fortify your residence and eliminate attractions that will draw them inside. Today, we at A-Tex Pest Management would like to take the opportunity to share some tips on how you can minimize pest invasions.

Exterior & Perimeter Pest Inspection

– Assess the structure from foundation to the roof and look for damage; especially holes, cracks, and gaps particularly around utility lines and pipes and vents. Install approved screens over vents, and repair damage with the appropriate caulk application and replace the damaged materials. Repairing damage will prevent them from gaining access or making damage areas worse. If there are any leaks in hoses, air conditioners, and gutters to reduce water source outside. If necessary, hire a professional.
– Landscaping should be well maintained year-round, as many pests naturally dwell inside. Grass should be short, bushes trimmed and trees pruned away from the house. That pests living in the vegetation can easily wonder inside when they are living so close.
– Firewood should be organized 18 inches above the ground and stored away from the house. Remove the clutter such as yard waste, trash, and responsibly dispose of them. Excess building materials such as blocks and bricks you are holding onto should also be stored neatly away from the house. Keep your landscaping tools and equipment properly cleaned and stored in the shed or garage.
– Cover pools when not in use, adjust sprinkles, and take care of other standing water sources. Ensure the lids are secure and kept closed, trash cans are stored away from the house and they are cleaned with warm soapy water once a month. This minimizes food and water sources.

Interior Pest Inspection & Home Sealing

– Evaluate the structure inside, especially around windows and doors, apply weather stripping if you feel a breeze or see daylight around the edges, and repair to any cracks, holes and gaps. Repair the pipes and faucets that are leaky.
– Old catalogs and magazines, piled mail, linens and fabrics, and other debris should be gone throughout the house. Donate or sell the items you do not use or need that are still in fair condition, toss out the trash, and organize the stuff you want to keep, to make room if you lack space.
– Clean out the pantry cabinets and the food that is stored in packaged cardboard, flimsy plastic, or paper that is easily gnawed and chewed through and transfer them into pest-proof containers that are sealable. Store all your pet food. Once a month, use hot soapy water to wash out the indoor trash cans and ensure you take out the trash once a week. Make certain the waste baskets are fitted with secure lids.

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To prevent or at least significantly minimize the pests from intruding into your home, invest in schedule professional maintenance. As you fortify your home, eliminate food and water sources, and minimize the places to hide with the additional help of professional maintenance programs, the barriers can help. Contact A-Tex Pest Management today to discuss your pest management options.

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