Why Do I Have So Many German Cockroaches & Why Can’t I Get Rid of Them in Wells Branch, TX?

No matter what you do, do you feel like you find cockroaches in your home all the time? Cockroaches can be hard to get rid of because they love many things. A-Tex Pest Management will go over some of the things that they enjoy so that you can figure out the best way to get rid of them.

German Cockroaches are Attracted to Mess

You may notice that you see German cockroaches in your bathroom or kitchen the most. This is because German cockroaches love messy places. Even if you are a very tidy person, the bathroom and kitchen are often the most used places in the house. This means even if you clean, you may not get everything completely clean. Cockroaches will even eat soap, so if you have natural soap in your home, you may want to try to switch it to liquid soap. In the kitchen German Cockroaches will find crumbs on the floor from leftover dinner. If you are noticing a lot of German cockroaches in your home you need to try to tidy up your living space.

Cockroaches Love the Smell of Pet Food & Poop

German cockroaches aren’t picky about what they like to eat. If you have any pets in your home such as dogs and cats. If you feed them throughout the day, cockroaches will go for their food. If you notice German cockroaches, eating your pet’s food, you need to make sure you clean the bowl and possibly change a feeding schedule. German cockroaches will also be attracted to the cat litter box. The best way to solve this problem is to find a cover for the cat litter box that can help keep cockroaches out.

Roaches are Attracted to Humidity

Cockroaches love humidity. This is why they are attracted to the kitchens and bathrooms. Kitchens and bathrooms have a higher humidity than other places in your home. But that is not the only place where you would find cockroaches. If cockroaches find humidity they will be there such as behind your fridge, in your garage, or in the attic. Getting a dehumidifier may be a good way to eliminate some humidity in your home, just make sure you look into the square footage so that you know if the dehumidifier can handle the amount of space.

Food Crumbs Attract Roaches

German cockroaches love food and if you have crumbs in your cabinet or pantry, then that is where the cockroaches will be. Often if you have not opened the cupboard or the pantry for a few days and you have crumbs in there, you could find cockroaches feasting on those crumbs. You can see evidence that the cockroaches are there because they will leave crumbs, You will have bags that are torn, and you may see one or two cockroaches.

Cockroaches Cannot Resist Trash

If you let smelly trash pile up then cockroaches will become attracted to that trash. Taking your trash out is very important so you do not get cockroaches in and around your trash. This also goes for trash throughout the house. You want to make sure every trash can is cleaned out and there are no smelly items or food in it. A smart thing would be to make sure that all of the trash cans in your house have lids.

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Having cockroaches in your house is not something you want to have happen. Eliminating any of these items that attract cockroaches can help eliminate them from coming in. If you need help, then give A-Tex Pest Management a call and we can come help you get rid of the German cockroaches in your home or business.

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