Why are Stinging Wasps More Aggressive at the End of Summer in Point Venture, TX?

No one likes to share their backyard space with a wasp nest. These aggressive pests are experts at ruining all outdoor gatherings that they attend. Not only do they try and get a taste of all your food, but they will also turn extremely aggressive if you swat them away, as they will feel threatened. You might even notice that as the summer goes on, these aggressive pests start to seem more aggressive; if that’s even possible. A-Tex Pest Management is here to talk about why wasps tend to be more aggressive toward the end of the summer rather than the beginning.

Life Cycle of Wasps

One of the big reasons that they will be more aggressive toward the end of summer rather than the beginning has everything to do with their lifecycles. In the spring and early summer, the queen is still working away at building up her colony. This means that the population is still going to be quite small. As the summer goes on, there are more and more workers in the colony. You are going to notice them quite a lot more as the season progresses and they are bursting at the seams of the nest.

Food Preferences of Wasps Change

It might surprise many people to find out that wasps are actually quite attracted to a protein diet. They will look for other insects to consume for much of the summer. However, as the weather starts to change and summer comes to a close, you will see a large shift in what they are consuming. They will be eating a diet that is filled with sugars and carbs.

Queen Wasps Prepare for Winter

The end of the summer is a time that the queen is also going to start looking for a place to hide out during the winter months. She will be probably attempting to get into some sort of structure that could include your home. This means that she will more than likely come into contact with humans much more during the end of summer than she would in the beginning.

How to Avoid Wasp Stings

The best way to avoid the painful sting of a wasp is to avoid the wasp all together. Here are some things you can do to avoid them:
– Make sure you clean up any spills from sugary drinks, foods and treats as soon as they happen.
– Keep a tight fitting lid on any of your trash cans to keep them out of the trash.
– Make sure the screens on your doors and windows don’t have any holes in them when you leave them open this fall.
– Use a high powered fan for your outdoor gatherings to make your gathering less appealing to wasps.

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