Why are There So Many Cluster Flies in the Fall & How to Get Rid of a Cluster Fly Infestation in Jonestown, TX?

It seems like every year as the weather cools, there is an onslaught of flies trying to dart in through the doors of your home any time they can. Cluster flies can be a nuisance and an unwelcomed houseguest. A-Tex Pest Management would like to help you identify cluster flies and share some tips to help you keep them out of your home this winter.

How Do You Identify a Cluster Fly?

Cluster flies look a lot like the common house fly. They are dark in color and a little bit larger than the normal house fly. If you can spot one that isn’t buzzing around your home, you will notice their wings overlap. This is different from the normal house fly that has wings that stay separated all of the time.

Why are there So Many Cluster Flies in the Fall?

Cluster flies are usually spotted most during the fall and early winter. This type of fly hibernates during the winter and will be looking for a place to settle down and keep warm from cold temps. They are often called “attic flies” because they love to gather in places like attics to escape the cold air winter brings. Cluster flies are also very attracted to light so you may notice them hanging out near windows and around your light fixtures during the evening hours.

Does a Cluster Fly Infestation Damage Your House?

They do not generally cause any damage to anyone’s home. They are more of a nuisance than anything else. You will notice that when they are disturbed they give off a scent that has been compared to the smell of buckwheat. It has been described as sickly and sweet. You may also notice that they leave behind small black dots on your walls and windows. This is excrement is not dangerous to humans, but rather, another annoyance.

How Do You Repel Cluster Flies?

1. Check for any cracks in your house that they can gain access through. Cluster flies can fit through the smallest openings.
2. If the caulking around your doors and windows seems to be failing, you need to repair it in order to keep cluster flies out of your home.
3. Check your screens for any rips or tears. Remember, they don’t need a small hole to make their way into your home.
4. Make sure any attic vents have screens on them to keep cluster flies out this fall.

Do Cluster Flies Ever Go Away?

1. UV Light Traps- These traps use light and a sticky surface to trap cluster flies. They are very attracted to bright lights and will get trapped on the sticky surface once they land on it.
2. Vacuum- As cluster flies get ready to hibernate, they get slow and sluggish. This can make it very easy to vacuum them up.
3. Pest Control Professional- If you have a hard time keeping up with the cluster fly population in your home, it may be time to call a professional. A-Tex Pest Management has trained technicians that can get rid of your fly infestation fast.

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