Are Black Widow Spiders Dangerous in Barton Creek, TX? How Do You Keep Black Widows Away & More

Black widows are nothing to mess with considering the reputation that have. They are painted as a menacing critter that is best left alone due to their toxic bites, characteristics and behavior. Only adding malice to their presence, their pitch-black bodies and the females baring the red hourglass shaped mark on their backs. As we come into the fall season, we at A-Tex Pest Management would like to take the opportunity to discuss the basics of black widow spiders along with their fall/winter behavior.

Do Black Widows Attack Humans?

It is reported to be 15 times stronger than that of a rattlesnake, and due to the potency of its venom, the black widow spider is perhaps the most feared spider in the U.S. If the black widow spider’s aggressiveness matched the potency of its venom, people would be at far greater risk of these fearsome spiders. Usually, black widows are shy and will only bite humans in defensive tactics, such as if their web is disturbed.

Where are Black Widow Spiders Found?

Black widow spiders stay outdoors for the most part. Black widows tend to build irregular erratic looking web and they live in crevices or recesses within sprinkler valve boxes, block walls, rock piles, and undersides of patio furniture. Garages, outdoor sheds, and playground equipment are included in other popular spots to find black widow spiders.

How Do Black Widows Survive Cold Weather?

Black widow spiders go into a state known as overwintering when it is cold enough. As the temperatures drop, black widow spiders look for warmer locations to hunker down for the season. After the black widow spider enters a storage shed, garage or home, she may find a suitable place where she can overwinter just like a hibernating bear. This conserves energy the spider’s metabolic rate slows. Winter doesn’t harm black widows since they are adapted to live through cold months in a low-energy state. They tuck in their legs and become dormant, usually once temperatures consistently reach under 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

How Do You Keep Black Widows Away?

Black widow spiders will start mating through early summer after they emerge in spring. The young spiders continue to grow into adults and mature by mid to late summer during the spring and summer. Below are a few tips to help you avoid black widows from infesting your home and property.
1) Keep your home as clutter free as possible, and at all entry points need to be sealed.
2) Ensure weather stripping is in place and in good condition and maintain ideal conditions of your window screens.
3) Make certain to wear gloves in the dark corners, especially if you see spider web remnants, when removing unwanted items or searching in the garage or shed.

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