Why are Pigeons Attracted to My House in Lakeway, TX & What is the Best Way to Keep Birds Away?

There is nothing more irritating than planting grass seeds all throughout your yard, and waking up to them getting eaten by a gang of pigeons! These birds are found in cities all over the U.S., stalking park goers for a taste of their picnic. A-Tex Pest Management is here to educate you on the problems caused by pigeons as well as some preventative measures that can be taken to keep them away.

Why Do Pigeons Keep Coming Back to My House?

Unfortunately, pigeons rely heavily on humans to get their food and find a place to nest. They eat seeds and nuts along with a variety of scraps left behind, either in an open trash can or lying on the ground. You may not even realize you are attracting them. They prefer grains and seeds, but are not picky when it comes to their diet. If you have any eaves or ledges that are not protected this attracts them as well. They are always on the lookout for a place to build their nest.

What Problems do Pigeons Cause?

The biggest problem with pigeons is their droppings. The uric acid in their fecal matter causes buildings to corrode and age quicker. It can build up rather quickly and be very unsightly. Because they prefer the eaves of houses and other ledges like that, they pose a risk of damage to homeowners across the country. Often times, they create a buildup of their droppings underneath their perch, which can be very slippery. This is a liability for businesses and homeowners alike. The materials they use to build their nests can cause quite a mess as well. If they have built nests in machinery, such as rooftop air conditioners, it can cause them to malfunction. Air conditioners are a frequent place for pigeons to perch.

Are Pigeons Dangerous to Health?

Not only can their nests and droppings be unsightly and cause structural damage, but their droppings are full of diseases. They carry both bacterial and fungal diseases such as cryptococcosis, toxoplasmosis, salmonella, and histoplasmosis. These are very harmful to humans and it is important to use proper sanitary practices when removing their feces. Not only do they carry diseases, but they carry other insects as well. Some of these might include lice, mites and fleas. When removing nests and cleaning up after these birds, make sure you are aware that these insects will most likely also be found in the materials they nested in.

What is the Best Deterrent for Pigeons?

In order to keep pigeons away, you need to make your house a less desirable place for them to nest. There are some measures that can be taken to keep them away.
• Clean their feces off desirable surfaces. If they have tried to nest there before they will keep coming back for more, and the smell of their droppings actually attracts them.
• Use devices to block places for them to land. The use of metal screens or spikes can be installed on the eaves of your house to prevent a place for them to build nests.
• Limit their food and water. If you have a birdhouse to feed other birds, it is most likely attracting pigeons as well. Make sure your trash cans have a lid that properly closes. Be sure you don’t have any water accumulations in your yard that can hydrate them.

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Pigeons can be a huge problem to both commercial and residential properties. If you have a pigeon problem that has gotten out of hand, it is time to call A-Tex Pest Management to help you eliminate these pesky birds. Don’t let pigeons damage your house or business any longer!

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