Why are Bees Important to the Environment in Georgetown, TX; Bee Pollination of Food Crops, Wildlife Plants & More

When you take a look around at the beautiful world we live in, many people don’t think much about the honey bee population. Well, to keep this world we live in green, it takes an army of honey bees to keep it going. Unfortunately, the bee population around the world is waning and it is truly a crisis that we need to address. A-Tex Pest Management is here to talk about why honey bees are so vital to our survival and the environment in which we live.

Bee Pollination Facts

It’s no secret that honey bees play a large role in pollination. Did you know that 90% of plants require cross pollination to grow and thrive? More importantly, the crops that we eat and that feed the world require the help of honey bees to grow. Pollen from the male part of the flower, or the anther, needs to transfer to the female part, the stigma, to germinate. As bees moves from flower to flower, they leave behind bits of pollen that allow these important plants to grow. It is said that one in every three bites of food that is eaten relies on bees to exist.

Bee’s Role in Pollinating Food Crops

Most people love the sweet taste of honey. In fact, humans have been harvesting honey for centuries. Not only do humans rely on this for their food source, but there are many animals that do as well. Animals like raccoons, birds, opossums, and many insects would consider it a great snack. Believe it or not, bees are actually part of the food chain as well since hummingbirds, blackbirds and starling all prey on bees. Dragonflies, spiders and mantises also hunt bees as part of their diet.

Bee Hives Provide Shelter for Other Insects

Most of us recognize the hives that bees build for their colonies, but many of us don’t realize that bees play a part in the shelter of many other insects and animals as well. Many tree species that fill rainforests, woodlands and deciduous forests rely on bees for pollination and survival as well. There are literally millions of animals and insects that rely on these places to thrive, and have bees to thank for their housing.

Bees Help Wildlife Plants Grow

Not only do bees help the food we eat grow, but they play a role in keeping plants that grow in the wild grow as well. There are many trees, nuts, berries and seed that depend on bees to grow successfully. These plants are a vital food source for many wild animals.

Honeybee Relocation & More in Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville, Cedar Park & Austin Texas

If you have noticed that there are honey bees somewhere on your property, it is important that you don’t destroy their home and kill them. With the bee population in serious jeopardy, it is more important now than ever to help them survive. At A-Tex Pest Management, we can recommend trusted beekeepers to safely help our customers relocate any bees they may find on their property. Call us today!

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