Commercial Pest Control Program Requirements for Kitchens, Restaurants & Food Industry in Round Rock, TX

Owning a business comes with many rewards and along with those rewards comes a lot of hard work and dedication, and this is particularly true if your business happens to be in the food industry. Restaurant pests can make or break your business, after all who wants to share a meal with a cockroach or worse yet a rodent? Your reputation lies on keeping your establishment spotlessly clean and free of pests and the knowledgeable experts at A-Tex Pest Management have provided the following information to keep you informed on the best preventative pest control procedures to keep your business free of pests from the outside in.

Pest Control Sealing Exterior of Commercial Buildings

If you own a restaurant, café, bakery or any other type of establishment that prepares and serves food, pests just like your clientele come for one reason, the menu. Take a good look at the exterior of your property and look for any potential pest activity for example, your dumpster and recycling bins. Remember, your dumpster should be at least 75 feet or more away from your eatery and ideally should be positioned on a thick even surface that pests can’t burrow underneath. Remove any plants or shrubs near the dumpster to deter rodents from using it to climb and gain access to the trash inside it. If you don’t already have one, you should invest in a sewer drain to collect any runoff.

Fix Leaks & Remove Standing Water Sources to Keep Pests Away

Take a good look at the properties surrounding your restaurant and be observant of any water sources including garden ponds, fountains, and even bird baths. Even a small amount of standing water, like a discarded flower pot or old plastic storage tub can attract everything from mosquitoes to cockroaches along with all manner of other pests that you definitely don’t want near your restaurant. Now that you have taken control of any potential water issues, take a good look at the surrounding vegetation. Is it well cared for? Or is it overgrown and unkept? Keeping your landscaping well maintained will attract more business and deter pests from taking up residency. Consider hiring a landscaping company to keep your store front in tip top shape and deter any unwanted guests.

Keep Pests Away from Outdoor Eating Areas

If your restaurant has an outdoor patio eating area there are several things that you can do to prevent pests from taking up permanent residence. First, make sure that any grass or plants are kept trimmed. Never store trash anywhere near your outdoor dining areas. Keep the area as clean as possible by removing food, sweeping up crumbs and mopping up any spills immediately. Light attracts insects so make sure your lighting is positioned away from your diners and add fans to help deter flying insects.

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