Why Am I So Scared of Bugs & Pests in Manchaca, TX? Pest Populations Outnumber Humans & More

Pests are an annoyance to most people and they want to have them out of their home. Many pests are seasonal and will only be an annoyance to people during specific seasons while others are a pest all year long. The quick scare pests give you when they walk past you in the night is really only a small portion of what makes them scary. A-Tex Pest Management outlines some of the reasons why insects, spiders, rodents and pests are much scarier than you may have thought.

Where Do Pests Normally Hide?

If you walk around your home you are not going to see small nests set up in open areas. That is because the pests are able to hide and know that to stay alive they need to be out of sight. When they make way into your home they are going to find a spot in the walls, under furniture, cabinets our in the garage hiding. They don’t want to see people walking around and too much noise will keep them out of sight. It is hard to miss pests that are around and in your home because of how well they can hide. A pest control, company will treat your home and property thoroughly to get rid of any pests that are hiding in your home.

Pests Carry Bacteria & Can Transmit to Humans

Many people are aware that a bee sting to someone that is allergic is not good. It can send that person to the hospital with trouble breathing. We also have hear stories about spider bites that have gotten out of hand. That is because some spiders have venom in their bite that can cause a reaction that may need the help of a medical professional. There are other pests that you may not even have realized also spread bacteria. Cockroaches and rodents are a huge culprit when it comes to spreading dangerous bacteria. They are not a clean pest at all and will walk through their own feces and feed on garbage. Then walk across the surfaces in your home that you and your family will touch and that can be where you get the bacteria from.

Pests Outnumber Humans By a Lot

A study was done to get an idea on how many pests exist on the earth. This study obviously is a general look at pests but the results show that there are about 200 million pests per person. That is a frightening amount to think about and when you start to wonder where they all are you can start in your home. Pests outnumber people so you need to be sure that you are ahead of the pest game by having a pest control company out on a regular basis all year long.

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