Can I Get Sick from Mice & What’s the Fastest Way to Get Rid of a House Mouse Infestation in Briarcliff, TX?

Austin, Texas certainly sees its fair share of rodent infestations. The house mouse is among the most common mice found in Austin and they are not picky as to where they stay. Contrary to popular belief, mice can be found in the most clean and meticulous of homes just as much as they can be discovered in the dirties and unkempt of homes. Today, we a A-Tex Pest Management would like to share some basic information concerning the house mouse.

Why is it Bad to have Mice in Your House?

House mice can adjust their habits and live just as easily outside as they do inside, as they are very adaptable. Though they do prefer to avoid human interaction generally, they can go unnoticed for quite some time. Having a house mouse infestation, or even finding they are living outdoors nearby, pose two primary concerns. The major concern is their presenting a health risk as they contaminate food and leave their waste wherever they happen to be as they can potentially spread germs, bacteria, and diseases. House mice are also responsible for costly damages on the structure, utility lines, and personal property as they search for food and nesting materials.

Signs of a House Mouse Infestation

House mice can quickly infest your home in little time and as their numbers grow so do the damage and health risks increase, as they can reproduce fairly quickly. House mice, while living inside, will reproduce all year long where as outdoors, it is usually limited to the spring and fall. Once you discover their presence, it is essential you respond with professional aid as quickly as possible. Below are a few signs that point to a house mouse infestation.
1) Quick, Darting Movements. To offer more protection, they are likely to be seen hugging the walls and house mice typically establish specific traveling patterns when they travel in the open. Your peripherals will frequently catch glimpses of them running at high speeds as they travel to and fro.
2) Subtle Rodent Sounds. You can often hear the house mice skitter about as the sounds of their pitter-patter derived of their footsteps or rustling through packaging resonate. The scratching and gnawing behind the walls as they nest and navigate through the home can also be heard in addition to their traveling. They are typically behind the walls or just above the ceiling.
3) Crumb Trails. House mice will literally chew their way through packaging to get to the food packaged away in the pantry and cupboards. They can easily reach their prize as their teeth and claws are no match for paper, cardboard, and flimsy plastic wraps. You will see the packaging of your food look chewed through and little trails of crumbs that lead away from it.
4) Evidence of Rodent Nesting. House mice will construct nests when they are close to giving birth. Their nesting habits may point to insulation and other materials like destroyed upholstery traces found along the walls or seeing the destruction itself.
5) Mouse Droppings & Waste. House mice and all rodents will urinate and/or defecate wherever they happen when they need to do it. Their poop is tiny pellets left behind in their travel patterns and where the steal food and nesting materials.

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