Which Pests Attack Vegetables, Flowers & Other Plants in Your Garden or Yard in The Hills, TX?

There are some pests that even though you don’t want to see them they are good to have around. Spiders will eat other pests and insects, bees pollinate plants and honey bees make honey! That does not make them any less scary to have hanging around. Spring time brings on the season for planting gardens. The weather warms up quickly and that makes it a great time to get your plants going for the season. That also means that garden pests are in full effect and will easily take over your garden and destroy your plants if left untreated. To help you avoid it, A-Tex Pest Management lists pests that can devastate your garden this spring.

Are Aphids Bad for Vegetables & Harmful to Plants?

This little tiny terror will take over your leaves in your garden and kill off the healthy plant in just days. The aphid is a tiny green insect that eats away at the leaves on plants, vegetables and fruits. They are well camouflaged and can go unnoticed for a while. They leave behind a honeydew that ants enjoy so if you see a line of ants going up a plant you can bet that aphids are there too! The best way to check for these little insects is to turn over leaves on the plant and look closely for them. You can see them with the naked eye but it can be tricky.

Are Caterpillars Harmful or Helpful?

If you see butterflies around your garden you probably think they look great and enjoyable. The problem is that if you see butterflies around that means their counterpart the caterpillars are there too. The caterpillars feed relentlessly on plants and will feed all the way up until they cocoon and change to a butterfly. They are also hard to spot because they move slowly and they stay under the leaves and are usually the same color as the plant they are ingesting. They can eat an entire plant in a day and will just move onto the next one.

Do Slugs & Snails Harm Plants

A slug and snail will move slowly so you may think that you would catch them before there is a problem. The issue is that they will stay down in the dirt and attack the plants that are laying low such as fruit and vegetables. That makes them a threat to your garden and needs to be treated accordingly.

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