What Deters Ants from Coming in Your Barton Creek, TX Home? Clean Crumbs, Seal Entry Points & More

One of the pests that seem to invade with a vengeance is the tiny ant! They never come in one at a time but come in as an entire colony walking around your counters and floors looking for food to take back to their nests. Ants work as a group to care for other members of the colony and to collect food to feed all them as well. There are also members of the colony that are there to fight off predators that may disrupt the colony. Ants can get in your home with ease because of their size and the fact that they don’t need much to keep them fed. A-Tex Pest Management has the best ways for you to prevent ants from getting into your home.

Clean Crumbs Off Kitchen Counter Everyday

When any pest makes their way into your home, they are looking for one of three things; food, shelter or water. The main item they are willing to go out and search for is food. When you are talking about ants they will travel as a group a fair distance from their nest in search of food. They also will work all day and night collecting food to keep the colony well fed and the queen happy. If you have food that is left unwrapped and or small crumbs that are not cleaned up it can be a meal for the ants. One of the most sought after foods for ants are sweets. They are attracted to syrups like honey and breakfast syrup. You can have a small amount on the outside of the bottle and that will bring them into your kitchen. Take time to wipe off the outside of the bottles and seal extra food up tight. You also want to be sure that you have cleaned up the counters, floors and dishes.

Seal Ant Entry Points

Another level of defense that you can use to keep ants out of your house is to seal up an points of access. Take some time to look around the outside and inside of your home especially around windows and doors for gaps or cracks. These areas can easily be sealed up with caulking, silicone or weather stripping. These items can be purchased at any home improvement store and can be installed fairly easily.

Ant Pest Inspections, Treatment Control & More in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park Texas

The best way to ensure that ants stay away and any other pests is to hire a pest control company to treat in and around your home. The treatment will help to deter any pests that start to come your way and get rid of the ones that may already be nearby. Call A-Tex Pest Management today to set up an appointment to treat for ants and other pests today.

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