What Repels Ants in Garfield, TX? Do Ants Hate Mint & Cucumber Smells? Will These Prevent Ant Infestations?

There are several pests that become a larger problem when the weather warms up. The warm weather lends well to reproduction and living out in the open. You want to do what you can to keep them away. One of the pests that are a real problem in the warm weather is ants. They live and work in huge colonies. They are supposed to live outdoors where they can dig tunnels for their colony to live. They also can usually find food outdoors but your house is a much easier spot to for them to find food, water and shelter. That is why when they are out and about you might come home to find them lined up across your counter. They are probably lining up to grab a bite to eat and head back out to the colony. You want to make sure that you are ready for them and do what you can to prevent them from invading your home. There are some natural ways to keep them away and help to avoid a potential infestation. A-Tex Pest Management outlines several ways to naturally keep ants away from your house.

Does Mint Keep Ants Away?

One of the smells that tend to keep ants away is the smell of mint. They have been known to hate the smell and actually do what they can to stay away from the smell all together. You can use the smell in several ways with one being planting a plant. The mint plant will give off the smell of mint and when it is placed near a window or door it can deter the ants from entering at these points. The other way to keep ants out with mint is to use extract. The extract can be used on a cotton ball and dabbed on areas that a colony of ants might come into the house. You want to make sure you put the extract on doors and windows where ants come in and you may need to reapply again after a few days. The smell won’t last too long but will do enough to keep them out or redirect them to a new area.

Will Cucumbers Get Rid of Ants?

The other smell that ants want to stay away from is the smell of cucumber. You can buy a cucumber for dinner and save a few slices for your natural ant repellant. The best thing to do is to slice up the cucumber and to place them at areas that you know ants are getting in the house. Cucumbers will work as a deterrent while they are fresh so you want to add a new piece everyday if you continue to see the ants close to that same area.

Make a Cheap Soapy Water Moat to Keep Ants Away

The dog food bowl is a huge draw for ants. They are happy to come over to the bowl strategically placed on the ground and start collecting small pieces of food. The best way to keep them away from your pet food is to use a shallow dish that has soapy water and place the dog bowl in the middle. This will stop the ants from getting to the bowl and let your dog eat in peace.

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