Can Bed Bugs Live in Dirty Laundry in Wells Branch, TX? Why are Bed Bug Infestations Attracted to Dirty Clothes?

There is a common misconception that bed bugs are associated with filth. They can, however, become a problem in even the cleanest houses. Recently, there have been reports that indicate bed bugs are interested in more than your bed though. A-Tex Pest Management is here to talk about bed bugs and dirty laundry.

Bed Bugs Prefer Dirty Laundry

A recent study has shown that when a sack of dirty laundry and a sack of clean laundry were presented to bed bugs, they were attracted to the dirty laundry much more than the clean. He study was performed by researchers at Sheffeld in England’s Department of Animal & Plant Sciences.

Why are Bed Bugs Attracted to Dirty Laundry?

During the study, four totes of laundry were put into two identical rooms. Each room had two totes of each, clean and dirty, laundry in them. One room was pumped full of CO2 and the other was left alone. When there wasn’t a surge of CO2, the bed bugs preferred the dirty laundry; but as the other room was filled with CO2, the bed bugs emerged in search for a blood meal. Bed bugs are stimulated by the CO2 that is emitted as humans breathe.

Where Do You Keep Your Dirty Laundry when Travelling?

While you travel, it is important that you protect your dirty laundry to keep bed bugs from hitching a ride home on them. Using a soiled laundry bag that is sealable and bed bug proof is one step in the right direction. Through this study, you can see that when you care for your dirty laundry properly, your chances of taking bed bugs home with you is greatly reduced.

Inspect Hotel Room for Bed Bugs

As you travel, you need to thoroughly check your hotel room before entering. You need to check more than your bed upon entering your hotel room. Using a flashlight, check all of the cracks and crevices of any furniture in the room. This check should be done before you bring in any of your belongings to avoid bed bugs. You should also check the bed and bedding thoroughly for any sign of bed bug activity. This would include brown smears that can be left behind after they partake in a blood meal or the feces left behind by bed bugs. There may also be cast skins left behind as bed bugs grow and mature into adults. If you find any trace of bed bugs in your hotel room, it is important that you report it to avoid further infestations. A swift course of action needs to be taken to keep the infestation isolated.

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