What Pests Come Out in the Fall in Briarcliff, TX? Home Pest Sealing to Stop Rodents, Flies & Ants

The fall weather is a welcome change for most people. The cooler temperatures and the change in the foliage help set a beautiful scene for the new holiday season. The fall weather is welcome for us humans but there are some creatures that just don’t fit well with the change. There are many pests that cannot deal with cold temperatures and will be looking for a place to stay this winter. They need to get indoors in order to survive the cold weather. That means that your home is susceptible to all kinds of pest infestations. It is always good to know what you are dealing with and what kinds of pests you could be seeing. A-Tex Pest Management lists common fall time pests you may have to deal with.

Rodents are Active in Winter

One of the most common complaints in the fall and winter seasons are rodents. The most important part of a rodent’s life when they are trying to get through the cold weather is to find a place to live. They are not out looking for food or water as their first priority but shelter! That means that even if you have a clean house they will easily come in to get a spot to stay. They need to find materials to nest and care for their young. Rodents tend to be extremely destructive and can chew through insulation as well as electrical wires. When they do this is can lead to damage that can be costly to repair. Another major problem when you have rodents hanging around your house is that they can be an annoyance as well. They scuttle around at night while you are trying to sleep and can make some serious amount of noise. The best way to treat an infestation is to call a professional to come out and treat your home and remove them for you.

Why are There Ants in My Home in October & November?

You may think that ants are a pest that are a problem only in the summer when picnics are in abundance but they move right into the fall months as well. They actually tend to be more aggressive and potentially more frantic in the fall weather. The cooler weather means that winter is coming in and that is not good for a colony of ants. The ants are going to need to have enough food before it gets cold and that means that they will be coming in homes to get that food. You may start to see them inside since the food outdoors can be a little more scarce.

Why Do Flies Come Out in Fall?

Flies are another problem in the fall because they are in need of a place to get out of the cold. That means that as soon as your door opens and that draft of warm air comes out it will draw flies in. They are an extreme annoyance and can be hard to deal with and get rid of.

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Fortunately, you can call a licensed pest control company like A-Tex Pest Management to come out and deal with any and all your fall and winter pests. We offer pest inspections, exclusion, control and more.

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