Are Scorpions Out in Fall in Lost Creek, TX? How to Keep Scorpion Infestations Out with Home Pest Sealing & More

Scorpions are a nasty intruder to your home or yard. Their sting can cause the most reluctant potty mouth to produce a string of profanities. With little ones in your home, or family pets that you care for, protecting them from these fierce little pests can be challenging. Scorpions are very resilient. After the U.S. conducted nuclear testing, cockroaches, lizards and scorpions were the only living critters that were not affected by the tests. A disturbing thought. Today, we at A-Tex Pest Management would like to share some various information concerning scorpions, and how to deter them from your home.

What is Interesting About Scorpions?

– Scorpions are not quarantined to desert life. A common misconception is that scorpions are only located in desert climates, or at the very worst a construction site hauling in building materials a few stray scorpions might have hitched a ride on. Completely false. Scorpions are found all over the world, and in different climates.

– Scorpions have a harsh sting when they strike, where it is generally not harmful to humans, the sting will tinge and feel numb for 2-3 days. If babies are struck, it is best to take them for emergency care to ensure their safety. If little children are struck, emergency care isn’t necessarily required, but it should be monitored to ensure there are no complications.
– As mentioned before, scorpions are extremely resilient. It takes specific pesticides to exterminate them.
– Scorpions are beneficial predators in many ways, so as long as they are not overrunning your home or property, allowing a few to stick around isn’t a bad idea.

How Do You Keep Scorpions Out of Your House?

1. Begin by sealing up your home. You will want to install weather stripping to your doors or windows that have naturally become shifted to your homes structure over time. Any obvious gaps should be immediately treated. Seal up any other gaps, crack or holes in your home’s exterior. Particularly around service pipes.
2. Remove the clutter. Moving the piles of debris, such as wood, materials, bricks, stones or rocks, trash or anything that has become piled up close to your home better keeps the scorpions from wandering into your home.
3. Scorpions can go without food for up to 6 months, but water is a different story. They stick around to water sources easily consumed. Clear away any unnecessary water sources.
4. Planting lavender is extremely helpful in repulsing the scorpions. Fresh plants around your home is most effective, but if that is not possible, using lavender essential oils also work. Citrus scents is also a naturally deterrent, however, lavender is optimal.
5. A well manicured yard helps. Over developed plant life will give the scorpions a place to call home. Keep the grass trimmed short, and shrubs and trees should be pruned and maintained.
6. Using a black light at night, on a full moon where scorpions are the most active, can help you assess the problem. Finding out where the nesting grounds are and how bad the infestation could help you better prepare.

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As the temperatures begin to cool down in the fall, scorpions look for a warm dark places to hibernate. Don’t let that place be your home! A-Tex Pest Management technicians are the best in the business. With masterful training and experience, our specialists can help you manage your scorpion infestation, or any other pests your home has been overwhelmed by. Call us today to schedule your next service appointment.

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