What Pest is Destroying My Lawn in West Lake Hills, TX? Chinch Bugs, Billbugs, Grubs or Other Insects?

Most people work on keeping their home free from pests and call in specialized pest control companies. They also make sure their lawn is mowed and watered but what about pests in your lawn. Have you been wondering what on earth is killing your lawn? Why you have patches that seem to not grow like the rest of the lawn? The problem often tomes happens to be pests! There are some lawn pests that are a serious problem in your lawn and can kill your grass in no time at all. You need to be sure that you know what the problem pests are and what if anything you can do to keep them out of your lawn. A-Tex Pest Management outlines the most common pests that could be killing your lawn.

Chinch Bugs

The Chinch bug is a lawn and garden pests that can be somewhat difficult to see since they tend to be quite small. Before the chinch bug has time to mature they are yellow in color. They reach maturity after about six weeks and then are black with a set of white wings. At each of the stages they are difficult to detect among your grass. The better way to identify that you have a chinch bug issue is the sign that they have infested your lawn. The most common sign is that your grass looks brown and yellow no matter how much you water it. They work by biting the grass blades and that causes them not to be able to soak up the moisture. It can start as a small patch and get larger and larger when you don’t have the lawn treated.


The billbug at all stages of life are a problem for your lawn. They start out as a grub type pest that takes refuge in the grass and in your lawn. During this larvae stage they are in the grass and feeding on the roots of the grass. At the later stages they come out and can start to eat the stems of the grass as well. They then reach adulthood and are only less than a half an inch in length. The adult billbug is still a problem for your lawn but in a much smaller way. They will leave eggs on the blades of grass that will then hatch each year causing more and more devastation. The best test for a billbug is to gently pull at a blade or two of grass to see if they come out easily. If they do it can mean that the billbugs are eating the roots.


The white grub is the worst type and happens to be found in the area. They are a fat white bodied grub that often has a brown head. If you have grubs in your lawn they are sure to cause some major problems. Many people know they have grubs by the sudden dry and browning grass. The grass dies from the grubs that eating away under the grass. If you lift up a piece of grass you will find the grubs curled up on top of the soil.

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If you have trouble with any pests in your lawn or yard, call a professional pest control company like A-Tex Pest Management out right away. The problem will continue to get worse each and every year.

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