How Do You Keep Drywood Termites Away in Manor, TX? Remove Termite Food Source, Access & More

You are walking around your property and you notice on your firewood that you have all these little bugs that are eating your wood. Your first thought goes to termites. Now, you probably do have termites and will want to get a professional to come and take a look at it. But how do you prevent drywood termites from coming on your property and on your house? A-Tex Pest Management knows how to deal with termites and would like to tell you a few ways to help you learn how to protect your house and property from drywood termites.

Remove Drywood Termite Access

Did you know that drywood termites can enter your home through the smallest cracks and crevices in the exterior wood in your home? You want to be able to seal up those cracks, crevices, and joints to help protect your home from these horrible little pests. So how do you do that? You need to remove any access they have to help prevent termites from entering. An easy way to do this is by painting the exterior of your home. When you paint, the coat of paint can seal even the smallest cracks and crevices. This will help seal up your house and not let the termites in.

Reduce Termites Food Source

If you don’t want termites or want to at least help your home not be a hot spot for them. Then you need to reduce the food source available to the termites. How do you do that you might ask? You need to remove dead trees, firewood and any other dead wood around your house. This type of wood is the wood that will become host to drywood termites.

Eliminate Excess Moisture

You will want to make sure your water does not pool around the foundation. If you are having water pooling it can make the wood wet and therefore attract termites. You will also want to address any moisture problems such as leaky plumbing, faulty gutters, etc. If there are leaking pipes in your house that could also attract termites and you do not want termites in your home.

Monitor for Termite Activity

If you are doing a home or garden project you should make sure that you inspect lumber for termites. You don’t want to accidentally bring termites in or around your house because of a simple oversight. It is a lot easier to keep termites away when you don’t bring them on your property. If you are noticing termites while you are doing home and garden projects. You will want to call a professional like Hire A-Tex Pest Management for an annual termite inspection and custom treatment plan.

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Termites can ruin the wood inside your house and your garden. Doing these few things can help prevent drywood termites. If you are seeing termites in your yard or house you will need to call a professional right away. A-Tex Pest Management are professionals when it comes to eliminating termites. They know what they are doing and how to get rid of them. Just give us a call.

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