What is the Best Way to Prevent a Mouse or Rat Infestation in Taylor, TX? Rodent Proofing & More

You may start noticing more rodents, such as squirrels, rats, or mice, trying to come inside to stay warm in the fall. These rodents are trying to find a place to survive the winter. Often homes get invaded because rodents are trying to survive the winter. To not have a rodent problem during the fall and winter, you need to do a few things to help prevent a rodent infestation.

Seal Up Holes & Cracks in the Home

One of the first steps you need to take to help prevent rodent infestation is to seal up any holes and cracks you may have in your home. Some ways you can help seal up the holes and cracks is by using caulk and steel wool. Make sure you check different areas in your home especially the ones that these rodents seem to go to more often. Such as storage closets, attics, basements, and utility spaces. Rodents aren’t afraid to chew any pipes or wires so you want to eliminate them from getting into your home. Not only is it important to check the outside of your home for cracks and holes. It is also important to examine the inside of your home. You want to examine the areas around pipes, stoves, and dryer vents. If you have vents in the foundation, you may want to make sure that it has something durable to prevent pests from entering.

Organize & Get Rid of Clutter that Attracts Rodents

Rodents like to hide in dirty, soft places. If you have piles of clutter, such as paper or clothing on the floor, it is smart to organize them and put them in boxes on top of your closet. This way it is not on the floor in dark spaces where rodents like to hide and chew through.

Keep Yard Clean to Keep Mice & Rats Away

Keeping your yard clean can help prevent rodents from coming into your home. Fall brings a lot of leaves. You need to make sure that you rake and clean them up so that you do not leave piles of leaves for rodents to be in. Before it gets too cold, it would be smart to cut any tree branches that are too long and close to your house, along with trimming down the bushes cutting the lawn, and pulling the weeds. Keeping your yard clean can prevent rodents from wanting to be in your yard and getting into your house.

Rodent Proof Food Storage

Rodents are always on the hunt for food which means if you have food that is not sealed in packages or containers they will try to get it. It is smart to keep your food off the floor and in your cabinets, pantry, and on shelves. This makes it harder for rodents to get to the food. If you have pet food, make sure it is sealed in a tight container and put away.

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Don’t let your home be the home of rodents. Following these tips can help prevent rodents from coming into your residence. If you suspect mice and rats have already infiltrated your home, give A-Tex Pest Management a call today.

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