How Do You Protect Yourself from Stinging Bee & Wasp Insects in Liberty Hill, TX?

The last thing anyone wants to experience is a sting from a wasp or a bee. They can be painful for hours after they happen. Not only that, but there are some people that are highly allergic to these painful stings. When it comes to stinging pests, there are several things that can be done to protect yourself from the painful sting of a wasp or a bee. A-Tex Pest Management is here to share our best tips to help protect you from the painful sting of a stinging pest this summer and into fall.

How Can You Protect Yourself from the Sting of Bees & Wasps

When it comes to a sting from a wasp or bee, it can be painful. This leaves most people looking for ways to avoid coming in contact with these dangerous insects. Following are our top tips to help protect you from stinging pests this summer and fall season:
– Wear the Right Clothes: While there are several bright colored clothing options in the summer season, you should avoid wearing them when you are going to be spending time outdoors as you might resemble a flower. Wasps and bees are both going to be attracted to any brightly colored clothing that they could confuse for a flower.
– Avoid Perfumes: There are several perfumes, lotions, hair products and other scents that are sweet smelling and mimic flower scents. This can confuse stinging insects into thinking you are a flower as well and should be avoided.
– Outdoor Cautions: There are several places outside that you will want to be careful around. Places like eaves, window frames, crawl spaces and attics are all ideal places for wasps and other stinging insects to build their nests. You should also be careful around playground equipment, picnic tables and other places that have small holes that a nest can be built in.
– Be Careful with Outdoor Dining: The food that you eat is all food that stinging insects are attracted to as well. If you plan a BBQ, make sure you aren’t leaving the food out after the meal is over. Also, have a tight fitting lid for all the food that has been prepared so that it can be covered once everyone has dished up their plates.
– Hire Out Yard Work: Like mentioned above, there are many people that are extremely allergic to a sting by a wasp or bee. If this is you, you might want to consider hiring someone else to do your yard work so that you can limit the contact that you have with stinging pests this summer.

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