What Does a Tick Bite Look Like in Weir, TX? How to Prevent Ticks on Humans & Dogs etc

When it comes to pests, we are used to experiencing bites from insects of all shapes and sizes. Some insect bites pose a risk while others are completely harmless. One of the pests you need to be aware of is the tick. Ticks can carry several diseases that can cause serious health problems. There are several signs that come with tick bites that everyone should be aware of. A-Tex Pest Management is here to share those signs and symptoms with you so that you can be aware in the case that you are bit by a tick.

Signs of Tick Bites; Bullseye Rash & More

Unlike most other insects, when a tick decides to find its next meal on you, you won’t experience a simple bite and the tick moves on. When a tick bites you, it will insert its head in your skin and it will stay there for a while. Some ticks will feed on you for several days if you don’t notice them. They are usually quite small and their bites aren’t irritating to your skin. They don’t hurt, and they don’t itch. You may notice that there is redness at the site of the tick bite. Another sign is a rash and that will indicate that there is a disease present as well.

Tick Bite Rash Disease Identification

Some of the diseases that you get from ticks can cause a rash. The rash may look different depending on the type of disease that has been transmitted. Here are the different diseases that will cause rashes.
Lyme Disease: If you have contracted Lyme Disease, you will likely experience a rash. Not everyone with this disease will get a rash, but a good portion of them do. The rash usually shows up between 3-30 days. The rash will get larger and larger until it has reaches about 6 inches wide. It may feel fevered, but will not be painful or itchy.
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever: The rash that comes with RMSF usually shows up 2-5 days after you have been bitten. While the rash may look slightly different from patient to patient, it is usually small, flat, pink spots that appear on the wrists and ankles.
Southern Tick Associated Rash Illness: STARI will look much like Lyme rashes. It will be a large bullseye with a small bite mark in the center.
Tularemia: There are several different forms of tularemia, but the one that a tick will transmit usually has a painful sore that develops where the bite takes place.
Ehrlichiosis: The rash associated with this disease can take different forms. Children are more likely to see the rash than adults. The rash can look like small red spots to red patches of skin with bumps on it.

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