What Blood Type Do Mosquitoes Like & Hate in Lakewood, TX? How to Prevent Mosquito Bites

While summer is one of the most sought after seasons during the year, there are some downsides that come along with the warmer temperatures. When thinking about those downsides, one of them has got to be mosquitoes. Those pesky pests can ruin any time that you spend in the great outdoors in a quick hurry. Have you ever noticed that there are times that someone you are outside with will be complaining about mosquitoes while you are feeling perfectly fine and the other way around? A-Tex Management is here to talk about what attracts mosquitoes to certain people rather than others.

Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Me So Much?

The biggest factor that plays a role in mosquitoes being attracted to you is your blood. Scientists have actually proven that mosquitoes prefer a certain blood type over others. If you have Type O blood, you can do much more than donate your organs to anybody. Mosquitoes are actually more attracted to you as well. You may be wondering how on earth mosquitoes can tell which blood type you may have. People actually secrete through their skin and depending on the type of blood you have, the chemicals will be different. It’s these chemicals that will attract mosquitoes to someone rather than the other person that may be sitting right next to them. In fact, studies have shown that if you have Type O blood, you are more than twice as likely to get a mosquito bite than someone that has Type A blood.

Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Deodorant & Perfume?

Your blood type isn’t the only thing that will make you more attractive to a mosquito. Following are some other things that can play a role in whether or not they choose you for their next meal.
Metabolism: Mosquitoes use the presence of carbon dioxide to figure out where their next meal may be. When you have a higher metabolic rate, you will produce more carbon dioxide than someone that has a lower metabolic rate. So if you just got done working out or if you are pregnant, mosquitoes might choose to bite you over someone that doesn’t have the same high metabolic rate.
Your Clothing: Summer brings with it hot temperatures and more revealing clothing. This leaves far more bare skin for mosquitoes. They are also attracted to color so if you are wearing bright colors that are often associated with summer as well, you are the perfect victim. Wearing neutral colors and clothing that covers your arms and legs will help you avoid mosquitoes far more than anything else.
Fragrances: Mosquitoes are attracted to strong fragrances. To avoid mosquito bites it’s best to switch to unscented products and avoid floral perfume, cologne, perfumed shampoos, hand creams, soaps, detergent and fabric softeners etc.

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