What Attracts House, Field & Camel Crickets into My Austin, TX Home & How to Get Rid of Cricket Pests

Crickets run rampant during late summer and fall in many areas of Texas including Austin. While some people find crickets lucky, most homeowners in Austin, TX find their existence a nuisance and they are unwelcomed in most home. There are approximately 900 different species of crickets found on the earth with about a 100 of them found in the U.S. With a small handful being more commonly found chirping obnoxiously in our homes. The three more frequently seen intruding into your abode is the House Cricket, Field Cricket, and Camel Cricket. We at A-Tex Pest Management would like expound on these more commonly found crickets.

Are House Crickets Harmful?

These crickets have long thin antennas, are a yellowish brown and have three distinctive brown bands on their head. House crickets have wings, and are excellent fliers. The males are responsible for the ominous chirping sounds they emit; they do so to attract females or to intimidate threats. They are attracted to lights and will often be spotted gathering together under exterior lights around buildings. When house crickets make their way inside you happy home, they favor warmth and look for convenient food and water sources. Kitchens, bathrooms and basements are more ideal. They will consume anything left out by people and are quite destructive towards your silk and wool materials. As with a fair share of pests, house crickets are nocturnal, and are set to annoy you with their songs when you are trying to get a good night’s rest.

Where are Field Crickets Found?

Field crickets actually comprise of 6 different species. They are normally found in outdoors, but if they squeeze their way through your home, cotton, silk, and wool linens are ravaged by their thoughtlessness.

Can Camel Crickets Hurt You?

Getting their names from the humpback appearance, they can be mistaken for spiders at first glance. Camel crickets do not have wings, but with powerful hind legs, they can jump impressively high. This species prefer the dark and can easily thrive in wet or dry climates. They also prefer the outdoors, but will wonder inside from time to time. If these little critters can find a dark quite place, with a bit of mold for food, they are quite content. Camel crickets do not chirp or make much noise, and do not resemble much of the characteristics shared by other crickets. Though they are harmless, in an attempt to fend off threats, including people, they will aggressively jump towards the threat.

What Keeps Crickets Away?

Tips to hinder crickets from wondering into your home include:
– If you enjoy having windows and doors open, ensure the screens are in place.
– Seal any openings, using appropriate methods such as; caulk weather stripping or more durable materials if the holes or crack is exceptionally large.
– Keep vegetation, their natural surroundings, trimmed away from your home to prevent the wonder lust from taking control.
– Ensure clutter and debris is cleared and you keep on basic cleaning.
– Enlist the aid of professional pest control routines.

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