How Do I Deter Bees & Keep Bee Hives Away from My House, Porch, Pool & Yard in Lakeway, TX?

Most of the general population have come across a bee in their lifetime. Bees have a lot of beneficial qualities that improve the ecosystem. Since grade school, you are taught why bees are useful in the world around you. The warnings are pretty basic, stay clear of bees so they don’t sting you. The most popular terms stating “they are more afraid of you then you are of them” or perhaps “..if you leave them alone, they will leave you alone.” are good guidelines. In any case, you naturally stay out of their way. However, the major concern about bees, is the commonality of so many being allergic to their venom that pulses through your body in the event of a sting. Not all are influenced, but if you are allergic, avoiding a passerby bee is prudent. With that in mind, for those who find the need to deter bees and their hives from away from your home or your person, A-Tex Pest Management would like to share some tips and advice on doing so.

What Scent Keeps Bees Away & Other Tips to Prevent Bees from Being Around You?

1. Essential oils or scents. If you know you are venturing to places where bees are more than likely present, it is best to protect yourself. Bees are often repelled by strong scents. Catnip essential oil is very effective in deterring not only bees, but mosquitoes as well. Other strong substance fragrances used for deterring bees is Peppermint oil, or cloves.
2. Commercial repellents. Most repellents are not always effective on bees. Bees generally only attack if they feel threatened in any way. However, there some products that do hinder bees from sticking around your personal space. Make sure to do your research and seek customer reviews to find the best one suited for your needs. Always follow the labels directions, and avoid using this remedy on children 3 years of age or younger.
3. Keep an open awareness. If you know you are heading into the more naturally settings where bees are often residing, keep your sense open. Listening for buzzing sounds, especially if there seems to be a choir of buzzing noises emanating from specific locations, stay clear of those areas. There are thousands of bee species in the United States, and quite a few are native to Texas. Some species of bees have a more retreat frame of mind, where others are extremely aggressive when coming in proximity of their hives. If you do not know what species of bees you came across, it is better to avoid them.
4. Clothing preferences. Bees are not going to attack for wearing a particular name brand clothing line, and they are not necessarily prone to attack you if you are wearing a particular color, however, leathers and furs should be avoided as that can make them feel threatened. Red and dark colors will also have that effect. Stick to the lighter colors to increase your chances of being perceived as a bully coming to disrupt the hive.
5. If you get swarmed by bees, run for shelter.

How to Keep Bees Away from Your House & Yard

1. Avoid attractions. Bees are not only looking to pollinate, but are looking for food and water. Keeps pools covered when not in use, lids tightly fastened on trash bins, and avoid leaving sweet temptations in the yard.
2. Seal it. If your home or other structures on your property have holes or cracks, seal them up. Bees are searching for places to build up their hives, and closing up the options could get them to look elsewhere for a home.
3. Contact a professional. At A-Tex Pest Management,we first conduct an inspection to determine what type of stinging insect you are dealing with. Sometimes we are called out for bees but what is actually present on the property are wasps! If bees are found, we recommend a local beekeeper to safely relocate them. Call us today to schedule an appointment for all your pest control needs.

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