Useful, Beneficial Insects & Arachnids in Austin, TX; Spiders Eat Other Pests, Worms Help Soil & More

If you are like the majority of people then you don’t want to have pests around or in your home. They are called a pest for a reason and that is because they cause devastation, harm or annoyance to you and your family. Pests are something that many people choose to have treated for around their home. That is to keep them out of your residence, food pantry, bathrooms and other areas. The interesting thing is that there are some pests that are good to have around. Knowing some of the benefits of having pests around might help you understand them better.

A-Tex Pest Management Lists Pests that are Beneficial to the World

Spiders Eat Other Pests: One of the pests that are feared most of all are spiders. They are on the top of the list of pests that people are scared of but it might not be for a good reason. They are actually a really good pest to have around because of what they bring to the table. They are a natural way to get rid of other pests in your house. Many spiders will take up space in a corner or edge and eat the other pests that are roaming around your house such as earwigs, flies and moths. They also will eat pests that are outside your house too. A spider is not a pest that wants to interact with people and when they see you coming they will hide. That means that you are not likely to come across them or bite you which is what people fear. They really only try and bite if they are feeling trapped or cornered so it is best to leave them alone.
Worms Help Garden Soil: Are you someone that loves your garden? Gardens are a great way to grow your own delicious fruits and vegetables and know where your food is coming from. One of the hardest things that a gardener has to deal with is getting soil that is rich in nutrients. One way to do that is to have worms in your soil. They are a way to leave a natural compost behind. They eat the clay and other organic material that they then leave behind in the way of castings. This allows the soil to become full of good nutrients that will help your garden to grow. Make sure that you have worms and not caterpillars though.
Beetles Role in Decomposition: Although you are not wanting to have beetles in your home there are some use for them. Some beetles actually help to break down animals and other dead matter that is out in the open. There are also some that are great in gardens because they will eat other pests that are potentially harmful to your garden or lawn.

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