Do Pharaoh Ants Die in Cold Winter Weather in Leander, TX; How to Get Rid of Ant Infestations

With are over 12,000 different ant species found around the world and living on nearly every continent, the likelihood of experiencing an ant infestation are fairly high. Most are familiar with the painful pinches they deliver to protect the queen and country so to speak, and with their thieving ways as they infest homes and businesses. A lot of the different species share common characteristics and habits, as well as their own unique abilities. In Texas, there are quite a few species, among them are Pharaoh ants; and at this time we at A-Tex Pest Management would like to share the basics of Pharaoh ants.

Pharaoh Ant Identification

The pharaoh ants are a bit of a mystery as their origins are unknown. One of the smaller species of ants, these ants average less than 1/8” long. Being almost transparent, they are primarily colored yellow or light brown and bear red and black markings on the abdomen. Pharaoh ants are a major nuisance, but especially in hospitals.

Do Pharaoh Ants Die in Cold Winter Weather?

To survive the winter, pharaoh ants take advantage of artificial heating in buildings. Pharaoh ants are generally more common in the food service area; often nesting in well hidden, protected places in the building. Outside these ants prefer warmer areas like gardens and lawns.

Pharaoh Ant Life Cycle

Pharaoh ants are omnivorous, eating all varieties including proteins, fats, insects both living and dead, and are especially partial to sweets. Having multiple queens in the colony, pharaoh ants are polygynous. The females will live anywhere from 4-12 months and lay up to 400 eggs in their life. The workers generally live about 10 weeks and it takes 28 days for a pharaoh ant to go from an egg to an adult.

Where Do Pharaoh Ants Live in Your House of Apartment

They make themselves known as these tiny amber-colored workers foraging along surfaces throughout all hours of the day. Pharaoh ants prefer the sweet options of edibles; they are likely to nest in or close to the kitchen. Pharaoh ants frequently build their nest in refrigerator insulation, the hollows of curtain rods, walls, cabinet voids, and the folds of clothes, between sheets as well as paper and other undisturbed dark spaces. In addition to kitchens, pharaoh ants dwell in bathrooms for the warmth. The workers can be seen marching throughout the home foraging for food as they follow the pheromone trails along baseboards and window sills along plumbing and electrical wiring.

Pharaoh Ant Infestations in Hospitals

Because of the diseases they can spread on otherwise sterile equipment and rooms, pharaoh ants are a particular problem for hospitals. Pharaoh ants are problematic as they are very adaptable to living situations and can thrive under the worst conditions with their complex buddy-colonies system. With their abilities, they can be more of a challenge for homeowners to contend with.

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