Tips for Pigeon Bird Control in Austin, TX; Deterrent Spikes, Mesh Screens & Plastic Owl Products & Methods

Pigeons can be one of most peskiest of pests imaginable. They can get just about anywhere they want and can be the most stubborn to remove. Successful removal comes down to making your home or business undesirable for them. A-Tex Pest Management has a few tips to help you with your pigeon problem. These are some things you can try before calling a professional pest control company.

Pigeon Diseases

First, the biggest complaint about pigeons is their poop. It seems they poop everywhere: They go on your house tops, cars, and places of business. However the poop isn’t the only problem with having an abundance of pigeons around the premises. They also carry diseases. They carry pathogens that cause many illnesses and sometimes even death. They also carry fleas and ticks. You will want to take pigeon control seriously all year around. Pigeons typically don’t migrate once they’ve found a food and water source.

Pigeon Bird Deterrent Spikes

One of the common methods of pigeon control is using bird spikes. It may sound bad but it doesn’t actually hurt any pigeons. It prevents them from landing on the edges of your house or building. You will want to place the bird spikes where pigeons frequently land. You can find them in any hardware store. You can also make you own. Use boards and nails but make it in a place where no one can reach or get hurt by your homemade bird spike.

Pigeon Bird Mesh Screens, Wire & Plastic Owls to Scare Pigeons

You can also string wire from one end of the roof to another. Make sure it’s taunt enough to handle the weight of the pigeon. They will find they cannot land and therefore, they won’t want to hang out on your roof. This is a simple method that helps deter pigeons. The areas pigeons like to nest or roost overnight can pose a major problem when it comes to pigeon control. Use wire mesh to cover the openings where the pigeons are nesting. You can buy any kind of wire meshing and screw it to the roof. Some try dummy predators. Owls, hawks, and even fake snakes can help ward off pigeons. Their instinct tells them that they are prey animals and this can naturally keep them away. Many farmers and property owners uses this method often.

Pigeon Prevention

You will want to remove water and food sources. Walk around the property. Search for any leaking pipes where they can drink. One of the biggest challenges is the food. They eat anything. If you have any pet food outside, like dog or cat food, pigeons will eat it. Also seal trash and put trash bags in a sealed trashcan.

Pigeon Bird Pest Prevention, Treatment, Control & Removal in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park, Texas

It may seem impossible to prevent pigeons from nesting. The best solution is removing the nests as pigeons build them. Over time they will become discouraged and nest somewhere else. Make sure you cleanup after feces. This isn’t so much for pigeon control as it is for your health. If your roof has been plagued with pigeons, you may want to have your roof cleaned and begin your pigeon control methods immediately thereafter. If you find that pigeons continue to inhabit your home or business, contact a pest control company to further help your pest problem. A-Tex Pest Management can help provide services to you and your battle to control pigeons.

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