Pest Control Services & Procedures for Commercial Kitchens, Restaurants & Food Industry in Cedar Park, TX

If you own a business in the food industry, pest control is likely at the top of your list. Nothing will tarnish your reputation quite like bugs or rodents. Because of their ability to spread diseases and filth, they will no doubt damage your business. A-Tex Pest Management would like to talk about the importance of pest control procedures for your food service business.

Common Pests Found in the Food Service Industry, Commercial Kitchens & Restaurants

Crawling Insects & Pests

There are numerous crawling pests that cause unwanted infestations in food service. Pests such as cockroaches, beetles, and ants can contaminate food. These pests are often attracted to food and eat a wide variety of foods as well. Some of them are nocturnal, and so you may have pest infestations and not realize it.

Flying Insects & Pests

Flying insects can be especially challenging to keep under control when working with food. Flies are carriers of numerous threatening diseases that carry a huge risk to your customers. If you have a fly problem, there is usually room for some improvement in sanitation practices. You also should look to eliminate breeding grounds for the various types of flies that are infesting your business.

Rodent Control Methods

Rats, mice and rodents are commonly found indoors. All it takes is a small crack and they seem to weasel their way in. They also eat many of the foods we do, and can damage your reputation and hurt your business if found by customers. Because of the many life threatening diseases that they carry, if you have a mouse or rat problem, you need to get rid of them right away.

Pest Prevention Tips

There are some ways to eliminate pest problems in your food service business. Here are some of them:
1. Routine Pest Inspections– By carrying out routine inspections, you are able to catch any potential problems before they get out of control. Your business should be inspected for pests regularly so action can be taken immediately as needed.
2. Sanitation Practices– When you work with food, it is important to have good sanitation habits. Clean up spills as soon as they happen and eliminate the risk of unwanted pests. By keeping the area neat and clean, the chances of pest infestations go down considerably.
3. Fix any Leaking Pipes– If you have any leaking pipes or drains that aren’t draining properly, you need to have them fixed. Many pests are attracted to moisture and this will only attract more.
4. Trash Disposal– When taking care of the disposal of any food or other trash, you need to take great care.
5. Food Storage– Store food in sealed containers and off the floor. If you aren’t storing your food properly, you are bound to have a pest problem of some kind.
6. Pest Access Points– You should fix any easy access points on the exterior of the building to prevent any rodent issues. Remember, it doesn’t take a very big hole for a mouse or rat to fit through it.

Commercial Pest Prevention, Treatment, Control & Removal in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park, Texas

An important part of keeping pests out of your food service business is partnering up with A-Tex Pest Management for a customized plan that fits the needs of your food service business. We can tailor your pest control to the specific problems you are facing. Call for an appointment today!

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