Termite Pest Prevention & Control Facts; Most Active in Spring, Infestations Difficult to Detect, Types of Termites, Damage Repair Cost & More in Round Rock TX!

Termites. The very word can send shivers down your spine, and stress levels up. Termites top the list of destructive insects, and when you suspect their presence, it is usually far after a colony has been established and costly repairs are needed. Most folks link termites and homes together, but alas, homes are not the only susceptible structure available for termites to banquet on. Commercial businesses are also easily infested. Devouring wood and cellulose materials, termites are one of man’s most silent foes.

Our professionals at A Tex Pest Control have quite a bit of experience in locating and eradicating all colonies inflicting homes and businesses in the Austin, TX area. With that in mind, we would like to share some information on what every business owner should know, along with homeowners, or those looking to invest in their own home.
1. Termites are most active in spring. Termites are capable of feasting on your home all year long. But in the spring, April more so; termites are reproducing and expanding into new colonies. With reproduction and additional colony members, appetites are heightened and more wood consumption is more apparent. An observant eye should be on the lookout all year long, but spring will be the more obvious time to see the termite activity.
2. Termite infestations are difficult to detect. Termites are basically little ninjas that can ensue their reign of terror with people being none the wiser. Most termites have elaborate tunnel systems within the soil that will lead into homes or businesses. They will sneak in through these tunnels and enter into the foundation and walls to begin their meals on your wooden materials. Because of their incognito ways, their numbers could be in the thousands and they likely still will not be spotted. Even during the spring when reproductive termite swarmers are rustling about, the termite infestation may still be unrecognizable. Often when they are sighted by a homeowner they will be mistaken for winged ants, and be left to overtake your home.
3. Termites cause the U.S. up to $1.5 billion a year in damages. As previously mentioned, termites can potentially cause people the most money in damages. If termite infestations are left untreated, the homeowner can be looking at sizable repairs and replacements, costing more money than you can fathom, and few homeowner insurance policies cover termite damage.
4. There are three types of termites. 1) Subterranean Termites. 2) Dry-wood Termites. 3) Damp-wood Termites. Each type of termite requires different favorable living conditions to thrive. No matter the type of termites that are infesting homes or businesses, termites can quickly destroy the building’s structure.
5. Termite queen protection or replacement. Often folks think that destroying the queen of a termite colony will quickly dissolve the colony without the ability to reproduce. This is not the case with termites. If the queen dies, surrogates will take her place and continue the reproduction. However, termites will protect the queen with their lives.

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If you should notice, hear rumors, or suspect the presence of termites, you want A-Tex Pest Management fighting the good fight. Our experts have been masterfully trained to locate all colonies in your home and property and efficiently exterminate them. The sooner you get our experts involved the better off you will be. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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