Stinging Cedar Park Insects

Warm weather is a welcome sign for bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets and other insects that sting. Although some of these insects can be a strong ally to have in the garden, once they begin to venture out near our homes they soon become enemy number one. Bees and wasps have been known to build their nests and hives close to homes or even build their homes right on your home. Nests and hives have been found on overhangs, eaves and even under siding. Sometimes these harborage areas go unnoticed until they are suddenly disturbed by the buzzing of a lawn mower or other sounds that will agitate the hive. Unfortunately this often causes a swarm and you find yourself being aggressively attacked by these insects. Bee and wasp stings are painful and can become quite serious if the victim experiences an allergic reaction, making the situation one of life and death if immediate medical attention is not taken.

Stinging Insect Access Points

One thing that these insects are great at is finding holes around your home. Anything from a gap in your siding, window frame, screen or poor weather stripping will present itself as an open invitation for these annoying insects to accept. To prevent bees, wasps and yellow jackets from coming into your home it is necessary to inspect your home for any type of hole that they may be able to crawl through. Be sure to keep your screen doors closed, especially when your door is left open. A screen door can act as an excellent shield and block a bee from buzzing into your home. Before you open your sliding glass door, be alert and aware if any of these stinging insects are nearby. If so, wait to open your door and avoid giving them the opportunity to enter into your home.

Stinging Insect Prevention

Stinging insects are attracted to the scent of anything with a sweet aroma. If you are sitting out on your deck or patio and notice an increased presence of stinging insects there could be a few factors that play into why they have all the sudden flocked to such a specific area. Smells like perfume, fruit juice and food like watermelon and other sweet smelling food act like a magnet and tends to pull the insects closer.

Professional Stinging Insect Control

The best way to avoid the presence of stinging insects is to have their nests and hives removed from your property. Once a nest or hive is removed, the chance of one of these insects entering into your home decreases dramatically. If you suspect that there is a hive or nest on your property, near your home or even on your house then it is time to call in a professional. Never attempt to remove a nest or hive by yourself. This requires experience and a specific skill set that professional pest technicians have. A-Tex Pest Management will successfully remove any type of nest or hive that is on your property, protecting you and your family from their painful and sometime dangerous stings. Contact A-Pest Pest Management today for the best stinging insect service available.

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