Dangerous and Nuisance Leander Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes have definitely become one of the most serious threats to humans in their ability to transmit a deadly disease and infect a human with one single bite. Mosquitoes are infamous for carrying diseases like Malaria and yellow fever. There are at least forty three species of mosquitoes that have been discovered to have been infected with the West Nile Virus in North America. This time of year there are so many mosquitoes buzzing all over. From backyard barbeques to outings at the park, mosquitoes can spoil a good time and have you heading indoors to avoid their bites and annoying presence.

Reducing Mosquito Populations in your Yard

There are a few steps you can take to help lessen the presence of mosquitoes on your property and near your home. Mosquitoes thrive on standing water as it allows them a place to grow their larva and multiply at a more rapid rate. It is important to perform an inspection around your property and look for any type of container that has potential to hold water. Anything from unused flower pots, garbage bins, buckets, or any other object that will collect a puddle of water is a potential breeding ground for mosquitoes. Another great way to keep mosquitoes away is to install a fan on your patio or porch. Mosquitoes detest wind and are unable to fly in it, so installing a fan out on the patio will help keep them away from your family while you enjoy some outdoor time together.

Mosquito Bites

Even after doing all you can to prevent mosquitoes from lingering near your home, there is still the possibility of being bitten. Mosquito bites become itchy bumps that appear after the mosquito has punctured your skin and sucked out some of your blood. Most mosquito bites end up leaving a welt that itches and can be extremely annoying. Usually the welt goes away within a few days and the itching subsides as well. Occasionally a mosquito bite can cause a larger area of swelling and a more intense sensation of pain. This reaction is more common among children and known as “skeeter syndrome”. Of course, worse than an itch bite is the transmission of dangerous diseases such as Malaria, Yellow Fever and West Nile Virus to name a few. Often professional mosquito control is required in order to protect your loved ones from mosquitoes and the dangers they pose.

Professional Mosquito Control

When all else fails in your efforts to eliminate mosquitoes it is time to call in a professional to assist you in removing them from your property. A-Tex Pest Management is a professional exterminating company that is skilled and experienced in dealing with the nuisance of mosquitoes and effectively exterminating them. Our technicians will inspect your home and property for any sign of mosquito breeding grounds and destroy them. Contact A-Tex Pest Management today for the best mosquito eliminating service available.

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