Signs of Termites in Trees Near Your House in Pflugerville, TX & How to Get Rid of Termite Pests

With the exception of Antarctica, there are over 3,000 species of termites traversing all over the world. They are infamous for their destruction inflicted on homes and businesses. With their insatiable appetites and habits, termites have cost homeowners and businesses owners in the United States billions of dollars a year in damages. For those with a keen eye and observant nature, you can spot the signs of termites sooner rather than later and get them obliterated from your home. But termites, especially subterranean termites, which are in Texas, do not always attack structures, but will infest trees and from their spread into the nearby structures. Considering that information, we at A-Tex Pest Management would like to take the opportunity to discuss the termites infesting your trees.

Are Termites Active All Year Long?

Termites are the natural cleanup crew and can be considered beneficial for this only reason as they will devour fallen trees and dead stumps. There are many situations where homeowners discovered that their sickly tree was doing poorly due to a termite infestation. Termites depend on cellulose materials to survive, consuming wood as a part of their diet. As colonies can easily reach 250,000 members within a few years, they can quickly consume large volumes of wood. Not only are there plenty of mouths to feed, but termites are active all year long with more noticeable activity in the spring as the swarmers, or future kings and queens, leave their current colony to begin a new one.

Do Termites Eat Live Trees Too? What Are the Signs?

Most species of termites favor the softer wood, which is why they often invade the trees that are already doing poorly, or have already died, but they will just as easily overtake healthy trees as well. When termites are enveloping trees, an indication is the tiny holes that can be seen in the wood. Other clues include piled wood shavings at the base of trees, discarded wings from the swarmers that have settled to begin a new colony, termite carcasses, small white eggs, and mud shelter tubes built for navigating the trees. If any of these signs exist and the tree itself looks weak, dig just below the soil line at the root of the trees to confirm the termite colony.

Remove Trees Infested with Termites

There are some things you can do, or leave to a professional, to ensure the termites are efficiently removed in addition to professional termite treatments. If you are in fact going to attempt termite removal on your own, be sure to do the following:
– Prune limbs of dead and infested branches.
– Remove infested stumps
– Burn all pruned and removed trees along with any nearby wood piles that demonstrate infestation signs.

Termite Inspections, Control, Removal & More in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park, Texas

Do it yourself termite removal is more than challenging. Termites are difficult to obliterate when you do not have the proper training and unless you effectively wipe out the colony, they will only rebuild and continue the damage to your home. It is encouraged to seek professional assistance for your termite control. If you have termites in your trees, outside structures or your home, call in the professionals of A-Tex Pest Management to ensure effective termite management.

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