Rats Chewing on Car Wires in Cedar Park, TX; How to Keep Rodents Out of Car Engine

According to the latest statistics rodents chewing on car wires is more common than you might have previously imagined. As the weather begins to get cooler, rodents begin looking for a warm place to take sanctuary, unfortunately this includes your car or truck. One vehicle owner whose truck refused to start recently reported that she had it towed only to have the mechanic discover rodent damage where mice had been chewing through her electric wires.

Rodents Chewing Car Wires

With consumers becoming more environmentally conscious, car manufacturers are keeping up with this trend by manufacturing automotive parts that are made from renewable materials that can be recycled. Despite the many benefits of plant based wiring and other car components, there are some disadvantages particularly when you consider its ability to attract rodents. Vermin like mice and rats have incisors which grow continuously throughout their lives which make automotive wiring, carpeting and other items particularly attractive to chew upon.

Some Newer Cars Have Soy Based Wiring that Rats Like to Chew

In 2016, Honda was subject to a federal class-action lawsuit for damage caused by rodents in the form of damaged and chewed wires that were covered with soy based coating. As it turns out the wiring was too tempting for mice, rats and squirrels to resist. As early as 2013, it was reported that rabbits caused considerable damage to vehicles parked at Denver International Airport essentially eating their way through soy based wiring in cars and trucks parked by travelers. Another incident in 2016 reported that one automotive repair specialist had seen an upward trend in rodent related issues, stating that he had personally repaired or replaced wiring and electrical systems in at least 13 vehicles that had sustained damaged caused by rats or mice. According to a spokesperson from the auto repair company, rodent damage happens quickly and is expensive to repair with damage most often occurring to wires, connectors, and sensors which in some cases are completely destroyed. Rodents are even capable of traveling through car vents up into the dashboard causing even more damage.

Rodent Repellent & Prevention for Car Engines

According to the knowledgeable experts at A-Tex Pest Management, it is possible to prevent rodents from damaging the components within your vehicle. For example, if your car is kept sitting in the street or stored in a garage, it’s a good idea to periodically raise the hood and check for rodent damage. If you notice anything unusual, you can place a layer of rodent tape over the damaged wires to protect them from any further damage. Other prevention tips include asking your car repair specialist to install wire mesh over the ventilation area or other places where rodent are known to sneak in. Regardless of the materials used to produce wiring and components within your vehicle, it is a well-known fact that rodents are drawn to chew and gnaw on wires whether they are found in homes or vehicles.

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