Should I Buy a House with Rodents Pest Infestations in Rollingwood, TX? Pest Inspection First!

One of the things that many families are on the hunt for is a house to move into. Whether you are moving to downsize, increase the square footage or making a move for a new job there is a lot that goes into it. Most people will have a list of what they need in a house when it comes to how many rooms and what they want in a house to look like such as stone finishes and desired layout. There are other things that might be on the list of what you want to avoid. One on that list should be a pest infestation. When you move into a home that already has a pest problem it can become even worse when you move your belongings in. You might think it can be difficult to recognize the signs of an infestation but there are things that you can do. The home that you are looking at should be free from pests to let you to start out the new move right.

A-Tex Pest Management Lists Signs of a Pest Infestation in Your New House

Insect & Pest Droppings Identification: You might think that if you do not see pests that are running around the house and on the property that it is okay but that is not true. Even if a house has been sitting for some time the pests tend to live in areas that are safe and comfortable for them. The presence of pests is not the only sign that you need to look for. One thing you can be on the lookout for is if there is droppings around the house or shedding. All pests will leave excrement around the house or where they are spending their time. This includes cockroaches, mice as well as bugs and insects. That is why you want to keep your eyes out for areas that have small droppings that are along walls, in the corners and inside the cabinets. There are also many pests that shed as they grow and that shedding can be left around the house. If you find shedding around the house it is a sign that there are many of the same pest in the house.
Check For Dead Rats & Other Pests: The other thing that you can look for are dead bugs and pests around the house. Dead insects will often accumulate on the window sill and near the entrances of the house. If you see dead pests and it is a lot of the same pests you could have a problem. When there are lots of the same pests that means that there is a high likelihood that they are infesting that area. This is a sign that you need to have the home treated before you move any of your belongings in the house.
Insects & Pests Walking Around: A sure and definite sign that you have a problem with pests is when you walk in and they are walking around. Live pests mean that they feel comfortable in the space that they can move about freely. It also might be such a large infestation that they are not able to all stay hidden in the walls and under the appliances. You want to make sure that you take any live activity of pests seriously when you check a home to buy.

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