How Long Do Bed Bug Bites Last & Other Signs of Bed Bugs in Your Hutto, TX Bedroom & Home

As small, flat oval shaped bodies, wingless insects, that actually do have wing pads that never fully develop into functional wings, bed bugs are notoriously known to pilfer our blood to satisfy their appetite. Bed bugs are typically a dull brown color, although after eating, they appear reddish and become engorged. As tiny as an apple seed, bed bugs can still be seen by the naked eye, though the are elusive, and usually nocturnal, they can be difficult to locate. Bed bug eggs, and when they are in the nymph life-cycle, on the other hand, can be a challenge to find. Bed bugs do not always stick to the mattress, as they can be hiding anywhere on the bed, including the mattress, headboard, box spring and frame. These insects will be found in other locations as well such as in surrounding furniture, electronic equipment, behind base boards, picture frames, and other places. A-Tex Pest Management would like to take the opportunity to help you recognize the signs when bed bugs are infesting your home.

Bed Bugs Need Blood for Life Cycle

Like we touched on earlier, bed bugs get their nutrition from blood. In order to mature into adults, they must feed once during each of their immature stages. The females will also need a fair amount of blood to produce eggs. Though they primarily feed on human blood, bed bugs are not linked to spreading any diseases. Depending on the individual’s sensitivity, however, bed bugs can induce a range of allergic reactions.

Bed Bug Bites & Other Signs of Infestation

Blood spots found on the sheets, shed skins, and bed bug bites are the most obvious signs you are dealing with a bed bug infestation. Parts of the body that are more likely to be exposed, such as the hands, face, neck, shoulders, legs and arms are likely to get bit. Bed bug bites do not always manifest immediately, and sometimes not at all, when they do, the bite marks are small, red, itchy, or blistered, and can be flat or slightly raised with inflammation. Usually, within a few days the marks are gone or close to it. Generally, people are sensitive or allergic to the anti-coagulant along with their saliva which makes the size of the bed bug bite vary in size. People experience various reactions due to their own sensitivity. The size of the bite will be indicated by how much the person was bit as well as the reactions the person has to them. Unlike other insect bites, bed bug bites appear in tight lines of multiple red marks that are small where several bed bugs have indulged. The host will often detect a slight burning sensation that then develops in red bumps where initially, the bite feels some itchiness. In extreme cases, the bites may swell dramatically or turn into blister-like skin inflammations. With further swelling and even bleeding evolving from people trying to scratch the bite to satisfy the itch, a secondary infection can develop.

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