Pests Named After Harry Potter & Star Wars Characters; Weevil Beetles, Spiders, Moths, Wasps & More!

Harry Potter and Star Wars are two sagas that have stolen the hearts of people around the world. It is clear that their popularity is even seeping into the world of entomology. There are pests that have been named after characters they resemble in each of these movies. A-Tex Pest Management is here to unveil these new found popular pests, reminiscent of our favorite heroes and villains.

Trigonopterus Chewbacca Weevil Beetle

The Trigonopterus Chewbacca Beetle is found in Papua New Guinea and reminded scientists of Chewbacca with the dense scales found on it. This beetle has very fur-like legs as well. Even the scales on its back are covered in bristles. I wonder if those with a soft spot for Chewbacca would have the same feeling towards this weevil beetle.

Aptostichus Sarlacc Spider

In the movie, Return to the Jedi, the Sarlacc monster is a slow digesting creature. The Aptostichus Sarlacc spider was found an arachnologist at the University of Auburn and was named after the monster since this spider lures its prey into a pit-shaped web that is similar to the fictional monster’s mouth.

Agathidium Vaderi Vader Beetle

The Agathidium Vaderi is a beetle found in 2005. This beetle was named after the villain of Star Wars movies, Darth Vader, because it has a very helmet-like, shiny head. This small beetle has some big shoes to fill.

Chewbacca Moth

It’s no wonder that this moth found in the western part of Mexico is named after Chewbacca. It is a giant, brown, furry moth. This over-sized, hairy moth has similar characteristics as the beloved furry wookie.

Ampulex Dementor Wasp

The Ampulex Dementor is a wasp named after the soul sucking creatures found in the Harry Potter series. This wasp was given this name because as this wasp preys on cockroaches for their next meal. They inject venom that goes straight to the roaches brain and puts them in a zombie-like state. At that point they follow them right to their burrow. This wasp is found in Thailand.

Sorting Hat Spider

The sorting hat is a main character in the Harry Potter saga and the Eriovixia Griffindori looks much like the famous hat. This hat chose the new witches and wizard’s fate as they stepped into Hogwarts for the first time by placing them in their fated houses. The spider has is the same color as the brown hat with an appendage on the abdomen that sticks up much like sorting hat from Harry Potter.

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As you can see, entomologists everywhere are influenced by the Star Wars and Harry Potter stories just like we are. If you have any issues with pests this winter, A-Tex Pest Management can help you get rid of them. Pests often try their best to make their way into your warm home to flee from the plummeting temperatures the outdoors have to offer. Call today for any of your pest control needs.

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