Need for Winter Pest Control in Cedar Park, TX; Pests Indoors Aren’t Affected by Cold Weather Outside!

There are many people that assume the majority of pests die or hibernate in the winter so their home won’t be hosting any pests in the winter. The cold weather will cause many pests to hide for the winter or at least die off, although this is not the case for all pests. There are many pests that are a problem all year round and many pests that are an issue specifically when the air cools. Don’t let the cold weather make you think that pests are gone you want to be sure that you stay on top of your pest control throughout the entire year.

A-Tex Pest Management Lists Reasons You Need To Continue Your Pest Control This Winter

Pests Indoors Aren’t Affected By the Cold Outside: There are some pests that will get in your home to feed and nest. Of those pests many of them will not be affected by the cold weather because we use a heating system to keep our houses a comfortable temperature. The heater means that our homes are an oasis from the cold nights outside. If you have pests that tend to live inside such as termites you are going to continue to have a termite problem even if the weather changes.
Rat & Mice Infestations Can Occur Year Round: One of the other pests that are a problem even in the winter months are rodents. Not only are they trouble when it is warm they are a bigger issue when it is cold. The cold weather is not suitable to many rodents such as rats and mice. They don’t want to live or nest outdoors so they will find a warmer place. Unlucky for you your home is a great place to go. They can get into your home through a very small gap so you need to be extremely cautious about entry points. Another way to help keep them out this winter is to have your home inspected for the possibility of a rodent infestation. Rodents are sneaky and can stay hidden in your warmed up attic or even in the walls where they are unnoticed during the winter. There are signs that a professional pest control technician will be able to identify.
Prepare For Pests in the Warmer Months: Even if you have pests that were a problem in the spring or fall it does not mean they are gone. They may have laid eggs around your home and if they are left undisturbed they will easily be a problem when the weather warms up. You want to be sure that you are constantly treating your home for pests as a preventative method to protect your home for the rest of the year. Prevention is the easiest form of pest control. Dealing with in infestation is harder to deal with than keeping them out in the first place.

Winter & Year Round Pest Control Services in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park, Texas.

Be sure that you are working to keep pests out of your home this winter by continuing your pest control services. Don’t allow a lapse in your service so that you are dealing with winter pests. Call A-Tex Pest Management for year round service!

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