List of Useful, Beneficial Insects & Pests in Leander, TX; Bees, Silkworms, Assassin Bugs & More

You may think that any and all pests you see crawling around are bad and you want to immediately get rid of them. The thing is that not all pests are bad and many of them have attribute that make them a huge benefit to us as a people. That does not mean \you want to have your home and garden teaming with pests, but it is always good to know what pests are good for the environment and why.

A-Tex Pest Management Lists Insects & Pests That Are Beneficial

Bees: One of the greatest pests to have around you home and property is a bee. A colony of bees is a wonderful addition to have around your home for many different reasons. They are great for the honey that they will produce that can be used to eat and cook with. They are also a major factor in many other foods. They are needed to pollinate plants such as fruits and vegetables that we use on a daily basis for every meal. If bees were not a part of the environment the foods that we love to eat would be gone and farmers and gardeners would have nothing left to produce. Bees don’t often infest homes or businesses since they prefer to stay outdoors. But they can get close enough that you may want to have them relocated. If you find stinging insects on your property, call A-Tex Pest Management for an inspection. If we determine it is a hive of bees, we will give you the number of a trusted local beekeeper to relocate the bees for you.
Silk Worms: There is a worm that when it is working to create a cocoon will spin out silk. The silk worm is a able to produce silk that can be harvested and used to manufacture many fine fabric items. The silk worm is actually a caterpillar and is fed leaves that are from a mulberry tree. They spin a cocoon where they change from a caterpillar to a moth.
Assassin Bugs: A farmer that is having some trouble with caterpillars wants to see assassin bugs around. Farmers have to combat many types of pests to keep their produce from being eaten and ruined. They use pesticides to help some of the pests but there are more that can be handled by using other pests. Assassin bugs help reduce populations of beetles, mosquitoes, flies and caterpillars.
Spiders: A spider is not a great thing to see around your home because many of them can be venomous and could be painful if they bite. But spiders are great in the garden because they feed on other pests that are troublesome around your property. Most spiders will spin a web and that is how they trap unsuspecting pests. Then they feed on those pests which means less pests that you have to deal with. Spiders are usually a shy pest and will stay in a hidden area waiting for their next meal. That means they can act as a natural pest control for you. But we understand you not wanting them in your home as venomous spiders look a lot like some harmless species and many don’t want to take the risk of their loved ones being bitten.

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Although there are many pests that are good to have around and are beneficial to people, most don’t want to deal with them in their home. Even beneficial insects are still considered a pest when around your loved ones, so it is always best to hire a professional pest control company to come out and treat your home. A-Tex Pest Management offers thorough pest inspections and effective custom treatment plans.

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