Causes of Bee Colony Collapse Disorder in Pflugerville, TX; Varroa Mite & More

We are in the midst of the summer months and there are a few things that are iconic to the season. Swimming, vacation, barbecues and of course no school are all things that we all associate with the summer. Another known guest of the summer is none other than the bee! They are a pest that people never really think too much about until one is stinging them in the arm. Bees play a huge role in our society by pollinating the plants that we use on a regular basis. Not only the trees that are part of what makes the earth beautiful but the ones that we need to sustain life. Farmers and crops need bees to help pollinate the plants that grown grain, fruits and vegetables. In the same sense we need them if we want good organic food to eat. The problem is that bees are mostly known as a pest and when they are around you tend to swat them away. If you notice a colony of bees and a hive nearby you have it removed never thinking what happens to them. People are become more and more aware of bees and what part they really play. Researchers are also realizing that the colonies are dropping off fast and they are not being sustained. This is what experts call colony collapse disorder.

A-Tex Pest Management Explains What CCD or Colony Collapse Disorder Is & What You Can Do to Help Sustain Bees

What is Colony Collapse Disorder?: A colony collapse disorder is associated with bees and their colonies. Bees are known for the large colonies that they live in and the different types of bees. There are worker bees, nurse bees and of course the queen. They are all necessary for the hive to survive as long as they are all doing their part. When the colony is going through a collapse the workers bees will suddenly disappear. That then only leaves a queen, nurse bees and food. This is not a good situation and the colony will not survive with the workers gone. Their job is extremely important because once the food runs out, the colony will not survive.
What Are the Causes of Colony Collapse Disorder?: The disorder that these colonies are suffering from is nothing but devastating. In the last few years the bee population has been suffering from this and the decline is frightening. The reason behind this phenomena is not known for sure but researchers have a few theories. One is a new mite that has been identified as the Varroa Mite that is a natural predator to the bees. They also believe that pest control that kills off bees rather than relocating them can be to blame. When you call A-Tex Pest Management for stinging insect control, we come out to your property and identify the type of stinging insect such as bee or wasp. If you have bees on your property, we provide the number of a trusted local beekeeper to relocate the bees rather than exterminate them.
Colony Collapse Disorder Solutions: Bees are a huge part of our everyday living. That is why you need to do your part to ensure their survival. You can start by how you treat bees on your property. They are not likely to attack a person unless they feel cornered like when you are about to step on one. That is why if you notice bees and a hive on your property you should call a company like A-Tex Pest Management that offers or can arrange a relocation service.

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