Interesting Facts About Spiders in Barton Creek, TX; Do All Spider Species Spin Webs, Have 8 Legs & More

One of the most feared pests is the spider! They are an eight legged arachnid that has done nothing but caused fear in people so much so that movies have been made in their likeness. The fear of spiders is called arachnophobia and even if you don’t have a full fear you are sure to have some kind of scare when one is seen near your home. They are a pest that really wants to be left alone but seem to get a bad rap. There are some species of spiders that carry enough venom to cause injury and even death in some young or old people. Some spiders still have venom but it is not enough to cause any trouble to you or your family. With all that said there are lots of spiders and many facts about them that you may not know. A-Tex Pest Management lists facts about spiders that might amaze you.

How Many Species of Spiders are There?

The spider has been found on every single continent on the entire earth with the exception of Antarctica. There are nearly 40 thousand different species of spiders that have been identified by researchers. There are thought to be so many spiders that exist on the planet at any given time that there is one within ten feet of you at any moment. Another study was done that said that there are enough spiders on the planet that they could eat the entire human race.

Importance of Spiders to the Ecosystem

Some people think that spiders are not good for anything but they are an extremely important. They are a huge part of the ecosystem because of what they eat. They eat insects and bugs that can be harmful to trees, plants and shrubs. They are also great for animals and carcasses that have died. They help to eat away flesh that can then go back into the earth. They are also a huge food source for many small animals and birds. They will eat the spiders as a main food source.

Do All Spiders Spin Webs?

Every single spider that is exists is known to spin silk. They all use it in some way or another. Many spiders will use their silk to spin a web that they then use as a place to live or a place to wait for prey. The prey will get stuck in the web and the spider will come by and eat them. The spiders that don’t spin a web may use their silk in other ways. There are some spiders that live in a burrow that is in the ground. They may use the silk to cover their opening to protect it from predators or debris.

All Spiders have Eight Legs

One of the things that set a spider apart from other pests is their eight legs. These eight legs are found on every single spider but the interesting part is that they don’t all touch the ground at the same time. They only have four legs that touch and four that are in the air at any given moment.

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