Bed Bug Inspection & Treatment FAQs in The Hills, TX; Can You Get Sick from an Infestation of Bed Bugs & More

If you have never had to deal with bed bugs then you probably have some serious questions. They are a terrible pest that can start to invade a home and not only that but they can cause skin irritation, restless nights and a great deal of stress. They are a pest that many people don’t know much about and that is why there are some misunderstandings with them. A-Tex Pest Management answers some frequently asked questions about bed bugs.

What is a Bed Bug?

A bed bug is an insect that sleeps in the day and stays hidden and comes out at night to feed. This means they are nocturnal and are a pest that can possibly go unnoticed for some time. They are a very small pest that is brown to red in color and are less than a ¼ of an inch in length when they are full grown.

Can You Get Sick from Bed Bugs?

Some people are concerned that bed bugs carry diseases that can be transmitted to people but that is not true. There are not any cases where a bed bug has transmitted a disease. They do in fact bite which can cause some itching and irritation. It can then turn into a rash that might need to be treated by an over the counter itch and pain reliever. Bed bugs also naturally give off high levels of histamine in their feces which can cause allergies and breathing problems.

Will Bed Bugs Ever Be Extinct?

There is some misconception that bed bugs were eradicated over 50 year ago. They were nearly all but gone but they came back with a vengeance and the new strand is a bit harder to kill off. The more that people travel and the more unaware they are the more they are going to spread. They are now much more common than you may think.

Are Bed Bugs Only Found in Beds?

This is another false thought that people tend to have. Bed bugs in fact do not live strictly live on a mattress but they are able to travel on many surfaces. Almost anything that has some fabric can be a great place for bed bugs to live. They can be attached on your luggage, couches, clothes and carpeting. There are several areas that need to be looked at when you are inspecting for bed bugs.

How Do You Know if You Have Bed Bugs?

There are some ways that people can tell that they have bed bugs. One of them is when you wake up and you have a series of small red bites on the exposed part of your skin. All though this means the infestation has already begun you can still have it taken care of by a professional. There are not many more ways to tell you have a bed bug problem except by calling a pest control company out and have your home inspected. They have expertise is determining if you have an infestation and offering the best treatment.

Bed Bug Pest Inspections, Treatment, Control, Removal & More in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park Texas

The best way to take care of a bed bug infestation is to have it treated by a professional like A-Tex Pest Management. Bed bugs are hard to inspect for and are even harder to treat. There are very specific types of treatments that are available and need to be done by a professional that knows what they are doing. A-Tex Pest Management will perform a thorough inspection and if bed bugs are found, we will recommend a custom treatment plan to get rid of them. Call us today!

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