How to Prevent & Get Rid of Infestations of Flying American Cockroaches in Bee Cave, TX

One of the most invasive species of cockroaches found in the state of Texas is the American cockroach. American cockroaches love humid climates and can reproduce very quickly. They are not only very invasive they could also harbor harmful diseases or viruses and can spread them simply through contact. American cockroaches will invade our homes during the fall season more aggressively due to the cooling temperatures. A-Tex Pest Management will share how to identify and control American cockroaches and help keep them out of your home this coming fall.

American Roaches & Cold Weather

The first day of fall is September 23rd so with fall quickly approaching, you will want to begin preparing your home now for invasive species such as American cockroaches. American cockroaches will usually keep to the outdoors as long as they can find suitable shelter and food. However, as the temperatures begin to drop they may begin looking for a warm place to spend the winter season. American cockroach populations can get very large in the right environment.

What Do American Cockroaches Look Like?

American cockroaches are large in size; some of them have been known to reach up to three inches in length. American cockroaches are also easily identified with their brownish mahogany coloring. The top part of their head also has a yellow outline band. Mature males and females also have fully developed wings and are one of the few species of cockroaches that can fly. However, they are not graceful fliers and only flutter a short distance. The nymphs don’t have wings and only develop them after full maturity. An American cockroach can go from egg to adult within 5 ½ months and a single female can lay an egg capsule containing 16 eggs, laying two egg capsules in a single week. On average, a single female can lay around 150 eggs or more in her lifetime. Once reproduction begins within a home, a major infestation can manifest very quickly.

How to Prevent American Cockroaches

In order to control or prevent an American cockroach infestation, you will want to make preparations now. To help keep American cockroaches out of your home, the first thing you will want to do is deter them. A good place to start is by keeping the lights off at night. Many people like to leave their porch lights on at night. However, the light attracts American cockroaches as well as other invasive species. Avoid inviting them to your doorstep. Next you will want to take steps and make sure your home is secured. The common entry points for pests are doors, windows, the attic, and exterior ventilation. Start by making sure the exterior doors are sealed when closed. Often the weatherstripping wears down and requires replacing. Next, check windows and window screens. Make sure the windows are secured and closed tightly. Use caulking or sealing around both doors and window frames. In older homes the caulking might need to be reapplied if gaps and small holes are developing. Consider installing screens over the chimney and over the attic or dryer vents that are on the outside of the home. Many pests will use these openings to gain access to the home. A final recommendation is to seek out pest control services to help treat for pests around your home. If you are currently battling a cockroach infestation, seek help to treat the problem before it gets worse.

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