How Common is Entomophobia? Overcoming Fear of Bugs & Other Pest Phobias in Pflugerville, TX

There are lots of fears that people can have. Whether you are afraid of heights or small confined spaces, there is always something that is more than a fear and is considered a phobia. The actual term phobia is something that you have an irrational and extreme fear of or something that you have an aversion to. When it comes to phobias that people have there are some that exist when it comes to pests that you might be a part of. The pests that you might come across are different as the seasons change because of the weather. There are also some pests that come out in huge numbers and can be a real nuisance for all. If you have an actual phobia of that type of pest it can be even worse for you. It may be interesting to note some of the phobias that exist among the pest community. A-Tex Pest Management outlines some pest phobias you or someone you know may have.

Arachnophobia; Fear of Spiders

This is one of the most common types of phobias that people have whether talking about pests or not. It is widespread and is so extreme for some that they have made millions in the movie business. Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders and no matter where you live there are spiders. The reason is that spiders feed on many other pests that can be found around your home. The food that they are after can be in and around your house. Sadly spiders get a bad rap because of their scary look but they are actually a benefit to have around your house. The fear still exists among many making this the most common phobia to have.

Melissophobia; Fear of Bees

One of the pests that you will see more and more of in the summer and the hot months are bees. The bees are keen on the weather in the summer with the hot summer days and the plethora of plants that they can feed on. The problem is that there are many people that are fearful of bees and the phobia for that is called melissophobia. Bees are a great and necessary thing to have around but that does not stop people from running from a hive of them buzzing around.

Isopterophobia; Termite Phobia

The fear of termites may not seem like a big deal to most but there is an actual phobia. Isopterophobia is the fear of termites and the damage that they tend to do. There are some people that fear the damage that the termites will end up doing and there are some that cannot deal with the actual termite itself. This is a fear that if you have you want to make sure you keep your home protected from these havoc wreaking pests.

Entomophobia; Fear of Bugs

There are some people that don’t have one specific insect that they are scared of and actually have a fear in all of them. If you find that you are running and fearful of any and all types of insects you have what is known as entomophobia. This fear can be hard to handle since there is the presence of pests all year long that can start to invade your home.

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