How to Prevent & Get Rid of Black Widow Spiders in My Pflugerville, TX House & Yard

Texas is home to two black widow spider species: the Northern and Southern Black Widow. There are thirteen known species of black widow spiders worldwide. Black widow spiders are well known for their deadly bites and have become a feared pest. A-Tex Pest Management will share general black widow behavior and how you can control these harmful spiders.

What Do Northern & Southern Black Widow Spiders Look Like?

Trying to identify the Northern and Southern black Widow species can be very difficult as they share the same size, body shape and often coloring of other black widows. However, the Northern black widow can have a row of three red diamond markings going down their abdomen. Males of both species can be very colorful. They also have a small oval shaped abdomen. However, all female species of black widow spiders have the red hour glass marking on the underside of their abdomen and occasionally the males will too. The males are only half the size of the females and their bite if fairly harmless as compared to the female’s venomous bite. It is the females that have the deadly bite, especially to those with allergies or weak immune systems that can’t fight off the toxins.

Black Widow Spider Bites

However, black widow spider bites are accidental in most cases. Black widow spiders only bite when they feel threatened. When bitten, most people didn’t realize that a black widow was nearby. Black widow spiders rarely make their presence known. They hide during the day and only emerge at night to wait for insects to land in their webs. Their webs are easily identified as they make a messy web with no distinct patterns.

How to Prevent Black Widow Spiders in Your House & Yard

The presence of a major black widow spider population indicates that there is an abundance of food for them to find which consists of insects and other spiders. One way to reduce a Black Widow spider infestation is by reducing their food sources. The two primary means of controlling black widow spiders is by reducing their food source and shelter. Black widows like to hide in dark crevices during the day and often spin their web next to them. If possible you will want to reduce the areas where they are prone to build their webs. To control black widow spiders start by first cleaning up your back yard. You will want to make your yard as open and clean as possible. Remove debris, trim back vegetation and maintain a clean landscape. This will help reduce the insects that Black Widow spiders feed on. By so doing, you will clear out and reduce the black widow spider population at the same time. Black widow spiders mostly prefer to stay outside and only occasionally will come indoors. When they do enter human structures they are most often found inside garages. To prevent black widow spiders from entering your domain, it is strongly recommended that you use pesticides and have a professional spray around your home. You will also want to seal off any gaps found on the outside to prevent them from entering into your home.

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