How to Prevent & Get Rid of a Confused Flour Beetle Pantry Pest Infestation in Leander, TX

There are many pantry pests that infest Greater Austin, Texas homes. With the volume of pests, you should invest in professional control to manage their numbers, avoid food contamination and keep yourself safe. Today, we at A-Tex Pest Management would like to share some information concerning the Confused Flour Beetle that are among the pantry pests.

Confused Flour Beetle Identification

The confused flour beetle are flat, shiny elongated beetles that are a reddish-brown color. These beetles aver about 1/8 inch in length. The confused flour beetle is typically found in dried stored foods, such as grains and can be even found in chocolate. Within the United States, confused flour beetles are the most abundant and harmful insect pest infesting the flour mills. They are capable of causing significant damage to commercial grain products as well.

Controlling Confused Flour Beetles at Home

Sanitation is the most important aspect in controlling these pests. Apply the following steps to help get rid of the infestation alongside your professional.
1) Inspect the stored grain foods in the pantry and toss out any infested food in the outside trash bins.
2) Clean and sanitize the area where contaminated food was found including the drawers, shelves, cabinets, built-in cutting boards, along with he cracks and crevices. Use the vacuum hose to clear out the debris and hot soapy water to treat the service. When you are finished, toss out the vacuum bag or dispose of the contents of the canister in the outdoor trash.
3) Before buying stored food or bringing them into your home, inspect the food (if you can); do not buy or bring home any packaged food that the packaging looks torn or damaged.
4) Once you have your stored food, transfer them into air-tight glass, thick plastic, or metal containers. Leaving any packaged food in cardboard, paper, or thin plastic packaging cannot keep them safe from any pest. You can also store your flour, noodles, rice, and other food storage in the freezer or fridge to safeguard them from pests.
5) Be sure to clean your containers with hot soapy water or if they are dishwasher safe before refilling them.
6) Always ensure you are using the older stored food before opening up the newer one.
7) Food stored for too long becomes more and more susceptible to infestations, be sure to avoid storing excessive amount of food.
8) Routinely inspect your food supply and toss out expired food.
In the event that you notice the infestation is persisting, you likely missed an infested food source or there could be spilled food remnants. Should you find the source challenging, call in a professional to help track it down and efficiently remove the infestation.

Confused Flour Beetle Prevention

1) As mentioned with control, avoid bringing home any confused flour beetles inside by not bringing them. Check the packaging before buying the food and don’t get anything where the packaging looks damaged.
2) Avoid reproducing by rotating the stored food, always use the older food first and shift the new food to the back.
3) Keep the storage area clean, promptly clean up spills.
4) Every couple of months schedule a deep cleaning where all the food is removed from their storage areas, so you can reach the hard-to-reach locations and the surfaces are properly disinfected. Shelves, ceiling, vents, floors, cracks, and crevices should be sanitized; the cracks and crevices should be properly stored. Be sure to toss out expired food as you go.

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If you have a history of confused flour beetles, or you want to ensure there are not any potential infestations, call A-Tex Pest Management and let our professionals treat your pantry and home to rid the infestation and help you prevent future outbreaks. Contact us today for all your pest control needs.

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