How to Prevent Bringing Bed Bugs from Hotels While on Vacation Back to Your Home in Florence, TX

As we head toward the final months of the summer, many families are coming home from a much needed vacation. Family vacations are fun. However, they can pose a bed bug risk. For those who spent nights in hotels or even traveling on a bus may have picked up more than they bargained for. Bed bugs are hitchhikers and they will climb inside luggage, backpacks and even inside the pockets of clothing. This is how they spread while looking for better feeding grounds. Bed bugs do more than bite. They feed on the blood of humans as they find our somewhat hairless bodies easy to feed on. A-Tex Pest Management will share what you should do when returning home from vacation and how to control your bed bug problem should you have brought any home.

Check Luggage for Bed Bugs

When coming home from vacation it is recommended to put your luggage in the bathtub and begin removing the contents carefully. Don’t put the luggage on the floor. The bathtub is the best place because they can’t climb out and will be contained. All linens should be immediately put in the washing machine, including the clothing you are wearing. Wash everything with hot water and later dry it using high heat. This will kill any unwanted passengers. Remove the other contents of your luggage carefully and inspect each item. Once empty, use your vacuum to clean the inside of the luggage. Your goal is to suck up any bed bugs that may be hiding if present. To be extra cautious you can even use a blow dryer on high heat and blow the inside of the luggage and all of the pockets.

How Easily Do Bed Bug Infestations Spread?

Not everyone knows of the preventive bed bug steps to take when they return home and often bed bugs will emerge and begin spreading throughout the home. Bed bugs hide during the day and come out at night to feed when the food source is lying still and easily fed on. Bed bugs can be found near their food source as they don’t travel far distances to feed. You will often find them in a bedroom and occasionally in the living room if household members tend to stay up late watching TV.

What Kills Bed Bugs & Their Eggs?

After you return home from vacation, if you and or other family members are getting recurring bug bites that appear in straight lines or even clusters at night, it’s probably bed bugs. If this has happened, start cleaning in the areas where the bites are occurring. Remove all of the bedding and wash it all with hot water and dry it with high heat. Inspect the mattresses and box springs for any bed bugs. You should also vacuum them both on all sides in the event there are any bed bug eggs on the mattress. It is recommended to have the mattress streamed clean which may require a professional service. Additionally, vacuum and thoroughly clean the room. Bed bugs could be hiding in a dresser, in the baseboards, underneath a nightstand and other places. You can use a vacuum to suck up any bed bugs you find. However, if bed bugs are present, your home will require professional treatment. You can also put bed bugs in a sandwich bag to show a pest control service and they can help treat your home. Cleaning is an important step when controlling bed bugs. Wash everything that can be washed, steam clean rugs, carpets, and mattresses.

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If you can’t find any bed bugs, but believe they are present, contact a professional inspection and treatment service to help you. Contact A-Tex Pest Management for bed bug inspection and bed bug control services today.

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