How to Keep Squirrels & Wild Animals Out of Your Bee Cave, TX Garden & Flower Beds Naturally

Anyone who has planted and cultivated a garden knows how much time and effort goes into working a thriving garden. It’s an unfortunate circumstance, when you’ve done such a good job on your garden, that the local wildlife just can’t resist helping themselves to your all you-can-eat buffet. Most people love waking up and seeing wildlife around their home, nobody likes to see that their gardens have been ravaged overnight. Unfortunately, having wildlife around your garden can lead to diseases, especially if you find urine or feces around the garden. Our gardens provide us with organic and yummy fruit and vegetables year-round! It’s satisfying to enjoy the fruits of your labor, but you can’t when neighborhood wanderers get to it first. If you enjoy the wildlife, but want to keep them out of your garden, following are a few helpful tips to humanely protect your garden this growing season.

How to Protect Vegetable Gardens & Flower Beds from Wildlife

1: Identify the wildlife species– First and foremost, you’ll need to identify what kind of pest is encroaching on your space at night. This will help you to form an effective method to keep them away,
2: Fences and raised garden beds– Instead of planting your garden directly into the ground, consider using an elevated pot or raised garden bed of some sort instead. By keeping your garden off the ground and placing a fence around it with a netting over the top, you have a better chance of keeping unwanted critters including ground burrowing pests out of your garden.
3: Scarecrow sprinklers or motion lights– Scarecrow sprinklers are sometimes known as deer sprinklers too. They detect any movement around the area and will turn on and soak the perpetrator, thus scaring them away from the scene of the crime. This works as a great method to startle unwanted pests and keep them out of your garden. You can also use motion detecting lights in the area, though some critters get used to this method after time.
4: Odor repellents– Most wildlife stay away from areas with strong scents. Perhaps the most effective odor repellent is that of a predator’s urine. This step is not for the faint of heart but has proved effective for those who’ve tried it. You can purchase something like coyote urine and apply it around your garden to deter wildlife from wanting to enter that space. It has to be reapplied after a rain but otherwise lasts a while. Other methods include spreading garlic throughout the garden, or granular or taste repellents which are available at various garden/home improvement stores.
5: Wildlife trapping– If you have a persistent, frequent invader who just won’t stay away, they may have become comfortable with the area and simply need to be removed. You can do this by humanely working with a licensed wildlife trapper or pest control company who has experience and expertise in this field. Traps will be set up with bait in the frequented area and after the critter has been caught, it will then be released back into a safe area where they can live out their lives in peace.

Nuisance Wildlife Pest Inspections, Treatment & More in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park, Texas

Sometimes even after doing all you can, wild animals will still trespass on your property. When choosing a reputable company to assist you in wildlife exclusion and removal, be sure to check your facts beforehand and hire a reputable company with experience and the proper licensing to do such. We here at A-Tex Pest Management are trained in all the state and local laws for wildlife removal and would be happy to assist you in regaining control of your garden again. If you have further questions about nuisance wildlife or need assistance removing wildlife from your home, give us a call! We’re happy to be of assistance!

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