How to Extend Effectiveness of Termite Infestation Treatments & How to Prevent Termites in Serenada, TX

Termites are constantly driven by what seems to be an unquenchable hunger for food in the form of wood and your home is a feast that they can easily devour and munch through without you even realizing it. In many cases home owners are unaware that they even have a termite problem or infestation until it has grown to a very serious problem. Once termites gain access into your home they begin eating through everything, including drywall and other structural points in your home. Termites cause more damage in homes every year than any other insect. Unfortunately, some of this can be easily avoided by taking simple steps that many homeowners neglect, or even make it easier for termites to invade their homes that A-Tex Pest Management outline below.

How to Extend Effectiveness of Termite Treatments

Hiring a professional pest control company to regularly spray and treat your home for termites is a great way to be proactive against the possibility of a termite infestation. One of the worst things a home owner can do after the professional pest control technicians has sprayed is to disrupt the soil around the home. Doing yard work, fixing outside sprinkler pipes or gardening near the home will eliminate the effective pesticides that the technician has sprayed and not allowed them to properly soak into your soil, this will eliminate any protective shield between your home and termites. Allow a good day or two after your pest control has sprayed to do any type of yard work.

Is it Common to have Termites in Mulch?

Home owners that pile mulch close to their home are just asking for a major infestation. Professional pest control experts have witnessed termites foraging around in mulch that is only a few inches high. If mulch is piled high next to a home, you are only creating a very convenient bridge for termites to cross and gain access into your home and begin chewing away at the structural integrity of your house. Pile mulch a far distance from your home to avoid termites getting near or into your home.

Do Termites Like Tree Stumps?

Homeowners will sometimes cut down a dead tree only to leave the stump in their yard. While stump removal can seem intimidating or a task that can be overlooked for a while, a dead tree stump is prime real estate for termites to set up shop in. Termites love to eat the wood of a dead stump, and this can be the perfect staging area for an attack on your home. Remove tree stumps from your yard and avoid piling up fire wood and other materials that termites will be attracted to.

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