How Can You Tell if You have a Carpenter Ant Infestation in Austin, TX? Do Ants Tunnel like Termites?

An ant infestation is something nearly everyone will experience at least one time in their lives. While delivering obnoxiously annoying pinches, ant invasions are more of a nuisance as they barge in looking for crumbs or anything edible. However, throughout Austin, TX and surrounding areas, carpenter ants are more than a nuisance as they are a common threat to homes and businesses, as they damage wood they nest in, costing home and business owners a substantial amount in repairs. At this time, we at A-Tex Pest Management would like to expound on the basics of carpenter ants.

What Does a Carpenter Ant Look Like?

As one of the largest ants in the U.S., carpenters are about ΒΌ to 3/8-inches long. Though they are most commonly ranging from jet black to dark brown, they can potentially be shades of orange, red, yellowish tan or light brown. Carpenter work ants have larger mandibles.

Do Carpenter Ants Make Tunnels Like Termites?

Both outside and inside wood that is moist, hollow, or decaying draw in carpenter ants. They can easily excavate damp or damaged wood, making it their preferred venue to establish their nest and colonies. In order to construct their nests and provide passageways for movement from section to section of the nest, they cut galleries (or tunnels), into the grain of wood. Though similar with termites, the distinction is carpenter ants keep their nesting site clean and the tunnels are smooth, almost like it was sanded down, where subterranean termites line their tunnels with soil.

Do Carpenter Ants Destroy Wood?

In natural environments carpenter ants will infest dead and living trees, stumps as well as rotting logs. However, structures, especially if they been exposed to moisture, are vulnerable to their infestations. Unlike termites, they do not eat the wood, but remove out the debris creating small piles of saw dust looking pellets close to their excavation sites. Their diet includes insects and whatever they can forage from human scraps and have a particular fondness for sweets and meats.

How Can You Tell if You have Carpenter Ants?

Red flags you have a carpenter ant infestation include:
1) Finding small piles of debris as they carve their tunnels. The pile debris can include discarded wings, wood shavings the appear much like sawdust, and parts of dead ants.
2) Observing the swarmers flying around; they feature wings and are the reproducing ants that discard wings after they have found a new place to nest. People will also likely find workers foraging for food or excavating the tunnels. Swarmers indicate there is an established close by as they only leave when a colony is established.
3) Their activities causing faint rustling noises in the wood.

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When it comes to carpenter ants, their destruction has no limits and the sooner you get professional assistance, the less damage will occur. To effectively eliminate carpenter ants completely, you need the experts of A-Tex Pest Management. Our technicians will use effective high-quality products and with their expertise, ensure the carpenter ant infestation is completely obliterated. If you believe you have carpenter ants, do not delay and call A-Tex Pest Management and let our technicians do the rest.

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